Running one speed the time.

Feeling out of sync with yourself and your body and then beating yourself up for feeling this way.

Hiding parts of yourself, or putting on a happy face when secretly you feel disconnected, contracted, and like you can barely keep your head above water.

Am I  right now?

These are all ways you can disconnect with your own true nature and the natural rhythms of your body and expression.

You know there is a different, more life giving way of living life, yet you find yourself making excuses, and putting your self-care and nourishment off off until later… or worse until crisis hits…

It’s time to wake up to the Natural Rhythms inside you at this very moment.

Not tomorrow or in a year from now. It’s time to live in alignment with your own essential expression and natural rhythms NOW.

Yoga. Meditation. Self-expression. Nourishment. Self-care.

We pay a lot of lip service to these concepts, and yet, they often end up feeling empty. Futile. Like just another task on the never-ending list of things to do.

The truth is, these practices are essential to your wellbeing. They are the pathway to deeper connection with your authentic expression. And, most importantly, they are meant to support you. But only if you’re able to integrate them into your life in a way that really works…a way that’s truly sustainable for you.

Does This Sound Like You?

  1. You’ve invested in personal growth before, but none of the practices you’ve learned have stuck, despite your best efforts.
  2. You’re constantly on overdrive, and when you get busy, self-care is the first thing that slips.
  3. You’re craving a deeper connection to your body and the fullness of your power, but you just can’t seem to find your way in.
  4. You’re out of touch with your intuition and constantly doubting yourself, even though you know deep down that you are the author of your own life.
  5. You know what it is you want to do, but for some reason, you just don’t seem to be doing it.
  6. You’re caught in the loop of judgment and self-criticism that leaves you feeling worse every time you think about all that you’re not doing for yourSELF.

Bottom line: what you’re doing isn’t working.

I’ve been there, and believe me, I get it.

For years, I felt empty, anxious, and disconnected from my own vitality. I felt further and further away from center, with no clear way back home.

Even as I deepened into yoga and other self-care, my focus was on the validation that came from crossing those things off the list each day, rather than on really tuning in and honoring my body’s deep wisdom.

I was afraid I’d never truly “arrive” where I desired to be—fully embodied and living the life of my dreams.

Eventually, I hit a breaking point. I realized that I wasn’t a robot that could go at full speed all the time. I really needed to slow down. I really needed to listen to my self.

I let go of the idea that I needed to do everything perfectly. I began learning about my body’s natural rhythms and cycles. I transformed self-care from another item on my to-do list into an array of practices that support my expansion and fullest expression in the world. I begin living in a way I never thought possible.

What I discovered is that when it comes to deepening into self-love, there’s no such thing as an arrival point. Self-love is a practice, and the real commitment lies in learning how to easefully come home to ourselves…each and every time we are pulled away.

The way to create optimal shifts in your life isn’t by going through the motions everyday because you’re “supposed to,” it’s by tuning in and choosing, moment to moment, in a way that deeply honors the natural wisdom and cycles of your being.

Enter the Yoga’licious Way.

With the integrated Yoga’licious experience, I’ve cultivated a relationship with all aspects of myself that is loving, nurturing, and life giving. I’ve developed a health and wellness practice based on honoring how I feel and what my body needs, rather than on what I look like or what I think the world wants from me.

My self-care isn’t simply a lackluster attempt to soothe my burnout anymore–it’s become an integrated way of being, firmly grounded in the kind of sustainability and deep nourishment that have the power to transform lives.

And I SO want that for you.

Melanie and her Yoga’licious program are truly amazing! Throughout the 6 months, I had the opportunity to learn to live fully and experience myself as a magnificent animal. I started the program hoping to heal myself from a painful heartbreak, but I ended up discovering the authentic me inside that is ready to be birthed. I played with feeling the full spectrum of my emotions, staying present with what life throws at me, practicing little celebrations daily, rewiring patterns of thinking that I picked up since childhood, listening to my heart, and most importantly expressing myself in my essence. It’s been a wonderful journey for me. Changing the stories that I have been telling myself allowed me to experience life differently and put self-care practices as my priorities. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Yoga’licious doesn’t target a specific group of people because it is for everyone who would like to be inspired. Yoga’licious has certainly become an important part of my story, and I hope it will be for you too.

Jenny Wang

Are you ready…

  • To feel totally comfortable in your skin, embodying all of who you are mind, body and spirit
  • To slow down, live from your heart, and make your SELF your number one priority
  • To hear your intuition and know in every cell of your being that you can trust yourself
  • To dive deep into your body awareness, so that you can receive all the beautiful wisdom your body holds for you
  • To revolutionizing the way you experience sacred self-care and daily ritual
  • To learn how to deeply honor the cycles and rhythms that you experience as a woman and use them to empower you, in all seasons of life
  • To create a daily rhythm that is sustainable and intuitive…allowing you to live with more freedom, spontaneity and aliveness
  • To engage with the cycles of the natural world, deepening into the power that each particular season holds in regards to self-care and embodiment
  • To feel more present in everything you do
  • To deepen into your worth, letting go of the false belief that you need anything outside yourself to be happy
  • To commit to your vision for your life and begin putting the practices in place to transform that vision into reality; and learn how to just as easily recommit to yourself when you drift away from your center
  • To learn how to become masterful with your energy; honoring the ebbs and flows of your energy levels
  • To meet other like-minded women to support you on your soul journey

Women are being taught that they have to fit into the mold of an ‘ideal woman’ or take a ‘magic pill’ or do a ’10-step process’ in order to be accepted and loved. It’s just not true. The quick-fixes and scripted routines are no longer resonant for a woman like you, who cannot be contained or defined, and who deep down knows there’s nothing to “fix.”

To create a shift in our lives, we’ve got to let go of the idea that there is something wrong with us. We need get out of our heads and into our bodies, deepening into the visceral truth of who we really are and powerfully honoring our physical embodiment in this world.

Before working with Melanie I think a challenge we all often face is getting on the treadmill of life and just kind of doing things and being there without taking the time and space to allow our essence to truly shine through, to be authentic to who we are, or to think about who we are or what we want. For me, the practice, and working with Melanie has taken me off that cycle of repeat and allowed me space and time to pause and in doing so living authentically. The value of investing in myself is that this is a life-long investment, literally!  My time with Melanie has helped me with a lot of my own anxieties of living up to expectations and being content with who I am through and through. This has helped me with my work life, relationships, and friendships. Allowing myself to care for me and figure out the best way to do that for myself has been such a blessing and working with a sisterhood of women has been so incredibly special. You really feel supported by Melanie and the other women in your group. I think Melanie’s work is something every woman needs in her life at some point. Society really puts a lot of pressures on us to be a certain way, live a certain way, etc. and taking yourself out of those boxes is freeing in the most beautiful way.

Rose Meza

the possibilities that will emerge when you let go of getting it “right,” and begin listening to your own inner wisdom.

Imagine what it might be like if each choice you made brought you into closer connection with who you really are.

Imagine trying on a totally new way of being–deeply and powerfully connected to your authentic self pulsing inside you in each and every moment.

Can you feel her?

It’s time to honor all of who you are. To realign with your sacred rhythm. To unleash your essential expression.

Yoga’licious 6 Month Group Program:
Re-aligning with your Sacred Rhythm and Essential Expression

A 6-month transformational yoga and coaching program–in Santa Barbara, CA–reconnecting you with the natural rhythms of your being, supporting you in reclaiming your own sacred nature, and teaching you how to create the nourishing space in your life that you absolutely require if you’re going to thrive–body, heart, mind and soul.

This program is not just a drop-in class—it is a sacred, 6-month, guided journey, during which I’ll lead you (and at max 15 other gorgeous, powerful women) in discovering how to come home to yourselves with tried and true practices that have radically transformed my life and the lives of so many others.

This experience isn’t for those looking to have the answers handed to them. It’s not for anyone who wants to keep rehashing old stories, talking incessantly about (and thus constantly recreating) past experiences.

This is for women who want to play at their edges. Who are willing to take response-ability in their own lives. Who desire to enter into powerful co-creation with a group of like-minded sisters.

This is for women who are ready to engage with their fears in a new way. Ready to disrupt old and worn out patterns on a bodily level. Ready to start creating from a place of what they want, rather than focusing on what they don’t.

Are you ready? To begin a new and inspiring conversation with your body, your yoga practice, your intuition, your voice, and your life?

Together, we will take a look at what’s currently holding you back, and we will dive deep into what it means to reconnect with your natural rhythm. We’ll discover what it means for you to honor that rhythm, day in and day out, in a way that really works for you.

Most importantly, we’ll deepen into the embodiment of play–shifting out of the old paradigm of working really hard on yourself or beating yourself into action and into the new paradigm of playing to discover the deepest truth about what works for you and experiencing pleasure as you create new possibilities in your life.

My journey with Yogalicious began at a local fundraiser Melanie was throwing for Planned Parenthood. What initially caught my eye was the anticipated “yoga”, but it turned out to be so much more than just asanas and focused breathing. By the end of the first group exercise, I knew Melanie’s program was something I had to involve myself in – it spoke to me and offered itself as a wake-up call in a crucial time – a few years back, I experienced a trauma that made me shut off parts of myself, parts that I loved and missed but didn’t know how to get back to on my own. I viewed joining Melanie’s 6-month program as a way to get back in, to explore and center and play my way back to a level of self-awareness and love I once had. I was nervous and I was scared, but I knew it would be worth it.

Throughout the program, I learned an incredible amount about myself, my peers, and our collective power as womankind. I put in the play and benefited from it by expanding my consciousness and changing some forever-held dogmas that no longer served me. Melanie is patient, competent, knowledgeable, intuitive, passionate, and silly – she acted as mentor, sister, mother, and friend individually and all at once. Yogalious facilitated some of my most beautiful epiphanies, and fostered such a sacred community we created in sisterhood. The program was intensely valuable for me, and I would recommend it to any woman, at any age or stage in life.

Thank you Melanie – I am honored to be a part of the collective who Licious’d before me, who Licious’d with me, and who will Licious after me.

Jacquelynn Ybarra

You’ll receive:

One 8-hour Group Visioning Day Long Mini Retreat

In this special kick-off session of our program together, you’ll meet your sisters and lay the foundation for our six-month journey together through guided visioning and juicy exploration of your dreams and desires. You will also begin to set a new foundation for a morning practice, and sacred self care that re-aligns you to a daily rhythm that is sustainable and fun.

13 Yoga’licious Group Sessions

During these intimate, 2 ½ hour, group sessions, we’ll come together as a sisterhood to experience fuller embodiment through exploration of specific themes. Through a powerful combination of Yoga’licious practices, we’ll address ALL parts of you: mind, body, spirit, heart, belief. You’re not a compartmentalized being, and these sessions are intended to support you in experiencing your wholeness, in igniting powerful transformation, and inviting you to discover your new edge, expanding your ideas about what’s possible in your life.

One [3-Day] Overnight Retreat

This retreat is an opportunity to really immerse yourself in this exploration and deepening of our work and have the time away from your everyday life to really soften, slow down, and nourish. In our modern fast paced busy world, we need time to retreat. It will be a weekend where the sisterhood feels even stronger, the vulnerability, growth and opportunity for transformation go even deeper.

The retreat will be an overnight one where you have the opportunity to remain in the container for the entire time instead of going home at the end of the day. I am so excited about this because it means that so much more can happen. You will have the evenings and early mornings to yourself, but you will see what a difference it makes to stay in the feeling of the sacred space. The retreat itself and all I’ll be guiding you through during our weekend is included in your program fee + lunches for all 3 days, and there is a just a $225/retreat overnight fee for the entire weekend that’s not included that you’ll pay about a month before the retreat.

One 30-Minute Private Session

Mid-way through the program, you and I will have an opportunity to connect intimately, so that you can receive my individual support on your journey.

A Private Facebook Group

In this space, you’ll be powerfully held by me and your sisters during our six-month journey together. This private forum is a haven for you to inhabit between our in-person sessions; a space for you to ask questions, to be seen and celebrated, and to receive inspiration as you continue to discover and integrate these new practices into your day-to-day life.

  Monthly Yoga and Meditation Practices

To further support the integration of all you’re exploring our sessions together. Each month’s practices will further support the theme we’re exploring.

Next Steps

Are you feeling curious to learn more?

Maybe it’s a yearning, a heart opening, or something awakening in your body that is peaking your interest.

If you are sitting behind the computer screen feeling a strong pull to learn more, I invite you to follow that impulse.

Next steps to learn more is to set up a complimentary no-strings-attached phone call with me so that we can connect, vision, and see what is possible for you inside this program.

Schedule your complimentary call with Melanie now

(Note: space is limited to 15 women max so it’s first come first serve)

Pathway #1: Everything that is listed above

The investment for this program is: $3394 paid in full, or a payment option of $325 non-refundable deposit & 7 monthly payments of $463.

Your SPECIAL rate for the current enrollment period: $2579 paid in full, or a payment plan option of: $325 non-refundable deposit, and 7 monthly payments of $334

Schedule Your Call to Learn More

Pathway #2: Same as Pathway #1 + 3 Additional [60-minute] Private Sessions

The investment for this program is: $3843 paid in full, or a payment option of $325 non-refundable deposit & 7 monthly payments of $531.

Your SPECIAL rate for the current enrollment period: $2998 paid in full, or a payment plan option of: $325 non-refundable deposit, and 7 monthly payments of $398.

Schedule Your Call to Learn More

You might be new to personal growth, yoga, and self-care…just now embarking on your journey to discover your path and create the life of your dreams.

Or you might have an established practice. Perhaps you want to expand and deepen it, or maybe you’re feeling frustrated, and you’re looking for a way to reinvigorate and re-dedicate yourself to honoring your deepest truth and desires.

Or, you might feel like you’ve tried everything, and you’re just banging your head against the wall at this point—you’ve identified your old stories and patterns, and you’ve taken steps to make a change, and yet…there’s a deep shift you’re still seeking in your life.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, don’t you think it’s time?

I feel in every cell of my being that on this path of reclaiming our natural rhythms and re-aligning to our essential expression, we need support, and investing in the support we need is one of the smartest choices we can make. I have learned that inevitably, if left to our own devices, we forget to check in. You know how it goes.

So, I ask you to check in with your heart right now. Imagine for a moment that time and money are total non-issues. Now, how do you feel your Soul wanting to move forward?

Next steps to learn more is to set up a complimentary no-strings-attached phone calls with me so that we can connect, vision, and see what is possible for you inside this program.

Schedule your complimentary call with Melanie now

(Note: space is limited to 15 women max so it’s first come first serve)

Melanie and her passion for her clients is so beautiful it made me tear up at times. Melanie helped me to see that I could live from my truest self, my essence, and if I drift, I can always come back. She gave me so many tools that I use on a daily basis so that I live my life from a space of love and flow. In addition to this, the sisterhood that I got from being in the 6-month program was priceless.

Katelyn Boisen

Through Melanie’s programs like Yoga’licious as well as the retreats, I have been empowered to trust my intuition, prioritize self-care and embrace what I really want in my life. Now that I am a mother, self-care has become trickier and also more precious yet with Melanie’s support I have been able to redefine my all or nothing approach to so many things, including self-care.

Courtney Dietz

I learned to practice Yoga as a tool to heal my body and not as a tool to create a smaller waistline. There were days at work where I would lay on my classroom floor and breathe through a pose that calmed my body. Yoga is now a tool to free my mind and relieve anxiety. I want the world to know Melanie’s passion for helping women become their authentic selves. She is open, sincere and willing to guide and inspire.

La Vada White


“You speak about this program being more than just yoga..What does that mean? What are we going to do throughout the 6 months exactly?”

The Yoga’licious program is like something you have never experienced before. It’s a unique combination of deep nourishment and self care, ritual, yoga, very sacred inner discovery and exploration, sisterhood, retreat time, and inner transformation around how to re-align to your own natural rhythms (mind-body-heart-soul), and self-loving practices that bring you back into connection with your essential self… the woman inside who has always been there, but maybe has gotten covered up by old scripts, narratives, and the fast pace of life.

In other words, you will be deeply transformed by the time we are done.
You will love yourself in ways you never imagined.
You will feel more comfortable in your body and more empowered in your voice.
You will leave our time together a different woman.

“I barely even take 5 minutes for myself these days, and you want me to dedicate 6 months to myself? Is that even possible?”

I receive this question a lot, and I get it. As women we are conditioned in many ways to think that it’s selfish to take 5 minutes – let alone 6 months – to prioritize the attention we give to ourselves.

But the truth is that our sanity, our well being, and our vitality depends on our willingness to take time and space for ourselves to regularly unplug and just BE. It serves us, our families, our work, our relationships, and so much more. We need to regularly step out of our lives to gain perspective and be able to see through fresh eyes.

Here’s what a previous participant shared with me after going through the Yoga’licious program: “There is always so much to get done. That will never change. But taking the time for “me”, above anything or anyone else, not only sustains me, but nourishes me. I’ve learned this intentional time is now required for my health and well-being.” – Courtney

You can’t pour from an empty cup. This program will support you in filling up your cup, and in return my sense is you will become more efficient with how you spend your time. I’ve seen time and time again women opening up space and time freedom by investing in themselves in this way.

This 6 month program sounds Ah-mazing… it must cost a fortune! I’m worried I won’t be able to afford it (and if I can, I’ll probably feel guilty investing in myself).

I so get the money question and how real it can feel. It’s totally normal to wonder about that. We will talk cost on our call together, and I will answer your questions around this.

What I have seen time and time again with clients who have been on the fence about the financial commitment, is that once they actually make the commitment, so much more abundance opens up in ways they didn’t even know was possible… the money was always there as they trusted in this commitment to themselves.

Choosing to invest in yourself in this particular way has a HUGE positive return on your aliveness, well being, and overall health.

What if I don’t know anyone? I feel scared I won’t belong or fit in. What if everyone knows each other and I feel left out?

This is also one of the most frequently asked questions and biggest fears from the women I serve when I lead programs and circles.

I don’t want to invalidate this very real fear for you if it’s coming up, and here’s what I can share about my intention and commitment to you and the other women who choose to step into this program:

From the moment we begin our sacred journey together my intention is to create a really safe and sacred space for you to be yourself, bring all parts of you to the room, and create a space of authenticity and sisterhood. While I can’t guarantee that these feelings won’t show up for you, my intention is to create a context of collaboration, sharing, inclusion, and safety. Time and time again the women who choose to say yes themselves and join my programs share with me how grateful they are for the space & community I create where they feel safe, seen, and like they belong in ways they hadn’t experienced much in the past.

Here’s a thought about this from one of the women who has attended my retreats: “After attending Melanie’s event, I knew that I had found my tribe: Melanie was speaking my language.” -Genna

Everything about this program is speaking to me, but I don’t really have a yoga practice. Can I still take these next steps?

Short answer: OF COURSE! This program is for ALL yoga experiences, levels, and bodies. The way I approach sharing and leading the yoga practice is to invite you to tune into your own body and body wisdom. While I will be actively sharing and guiding you through the movements, I will just as much be inviting you to tune-in, listen to your body, and create your own experience of what yoga is for you. If that means you need to modify and rest, all is welcome.