“Embarking on a New Journey…”

    “Everyone of us has limiting beliefs in our minds that hold us back, most of which we aren’t even aware of. These beliefs are so germane to who we are that we rarely even formulate them as conscious thoughts. They fester in our deepest unconcious, invisible to the naked eye but powerful enough to run our lives. They are the thoughts that sabotage us right at the moments of greatest opportunity. They whisper, ‘You can’t…who do you think you are?…You don’t have what it takes…’ How or why we developed these physic patterns isn’t really important. It’s recognizing and releasing them that matters…”-Baron Baptiste

    In less than 48 hours I will be on a jet plane flying to Tulum, Mexico for a week intensive yoga certification with Baron Baptiste. As I sit here writing my blog this morning I have a huge mouth hanging open expression on my face and the words, “WOW is this really my life” keep cycling through my head. A little over a year ago if you had asked me what I would be doing a year later, Yoga and week long intensive would not have been in the same sentence. After completing my triathlon in August of 2009, a string

    of events occurred in my life that mentally, physically, and emotionally knocked me to my knees. At the time I remember thinking could this really get any worse, and then a moment of clarity came through. It was one of those moments in time where I knew I could either keep living ‘asleep’, or WAKE UP and stay awake to the amazing opportunities I had before me! From that moment forward I began to pick myself up, inch by inch, day by day, month by month. The past year has been a tremendously exciting and challenging period of growth for me, and as I sit here today ready to embark on the next chapter in my journey the one word that comes to mind is Gratitude. Gratitude for all the people, situations, and events that have happened so far in my 26 year old existence that has brought me to this exact moment in time writing and sharing my most vulnerable self with you.

    I share my most vulnerable self with you because I truly believe that ever single human being deserves to live their best life, taking their own unique path that will lead them to their truth. Which is why today I share with you my story of embarking on a new journey and a new chapter in my life, I now know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you believe and stay even when the struggle shows up. In Yoga we have a saying known as sitting in Shiva’s fire, to walk into the “fire” and stay present, and find the peace within the pit of the fire or the struggle.

    So I present you with a question, is there a journey or a chapter inside you that you know is waiting to come out from within the depths of your mind, body, and spirit? Are you waiting for the perfect moment to let it shine out, or saving it for a rainy day? My idea this week is let it come out and play, begin to look it right in the eyes and have FUN!

    A good friend of mine has inspired me this week as I embark on my yoga training. He recently lost his job and knowing that the security of his job is gone, the one word that came to his mind was LIBERATION! He doesn’t know what the next chapter of his journey looks like yet, but he is excited for all the limitless possibilities he now has to let his innermost self and purpose shine out.

    The one thing I will add here is hold it lightly as many of my good friends would say. Meaning when you begin to approach your new journey or chapter of your life, set an intention, hold it lightly, and then let the magic unfold, because often times our conscious minds don’t have the capacity to see the amazingness ahead. Letting go of the attachment does wonders because what shows up is usually extremely different, even more exciting, and better than we could have ever imagined.

    The cool thing is I am at peace today, leaving the fears, expectations, and high hopes behind, to embark on my new journey with an open heart and open mind.

    Let the Magic Begin…
    And as my Fairy Godmother would say, “Bippity, Boppity, Boo”.

    In Love and Gratitude,


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    1. Mel… what a lovely and inspiring post!

      “I now know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you believe and stay even when the struggle shows up” So very true!

      Let the magic begin… wow… enjoy ur time in Mexico… look forward to hearing about it! 😉 xxx Vicky xxx