“Who Am I to Shine? Who Are You Not to Shine?!…”

    “I am a human being; nothing human can be alien to me.” – Terence, Roman playwright.

    This blog is dedicated to the Beautiful Dr. Maya Angelou.

    Hello Yoga’licious peeps. It has been quite a few months since I have sat down and let an inspiring blog move through me onto the computer screen. The theme I want to share with you this week is fitting with why I have taken so much time off of blogging. The biggest reason I have not blogged would be none other than my friend FEAR…fear that I have nothing to say, or that the words will not come out right; or most present when I sit down to write lately is the voice that says ‘who am I to write a blog and inspire people.’ After seeing Maya Angelou, the world class poet speak on Friday night, I realized who am I not to write. Mrs. Angelou delivered an inspiring speech on Friday night with lots of juicy points, but what kept speaking to me deeply was when she would talk about human potentiality. “You can’t look to any other human being and say, ‘I could never do that’ as if that person can embody some kind of human characteristic that

    you cannot. The best you can say is that you intend to not act or do. We all have the human potentiality within us-both positive and negative.” As these words poured out of Miss Angelou on Friday night I was reminded that inside me and everyone of us is pure human potential, and unique gifts that we are born and meant to share with the world; not hide and repress away.

    I share this theme with you this week because over the past few months I had forgotten that we are all so much more the same than we are different. I had forgotten what it felt like to celebrate someones else strengths rather than make it mean something about how I am not good enough. We all have our unique strengths to express out into the world and this means that no one person is more entitled or more special than you are to share it; we all get to share our most truest and fullest expressions and that is what makes the world so lucrative, interesting, and beautiful.

    This week let’s celebrate the mere fact that we are human and have the potential to live out whatever our heart most desires. Let’s celebrate our strengths and unique gifts that are our birthright to share with the world. Also remember to go easy on yourself as this is a practice, and may be a very different way of showing up than you are used to. I will be in the practice with you as I can state honestly that I have not mastered this idea yet either :). I look forward to sharing our experiences this week, and feel free to share what shows up for you as you begin to more fully embody, express and live from your PURE POTENTIALITY!

    Playing Curiously this week with you!



    P.S. Yoga’licous is back up and running. Be sure to stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for new recipes :).


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