“Am I Doing This Right?!?!” + Yoga’licious Girl’s Night Out is Back!

Happy Tuesday!

So I am just going to dive right in.

I have a question for you…

Have you ever heard yourself saying the words “Am I Doing This Right?!?!” on your yoga mat?

I am guessing that whether you have rolled out your yoga mat one time or one thousand times at some point you have asked yourself am I doing this pose right?

Trust me I get it! It makes sense that you want to get it right, we live in a culture that strives on getting it right, achieving, and accomplishing things.

And I think that a healthy dose of curiosity, inquiry, and questioning in your yoga practice can actually guide you to accessing more strength, flexibility, and connection in your body.

But here is what I have noticed about ‘getting it right’ and I say this from my own experience (no preaching here :).

Sometimes lurking underneath the ‘Am I getting it right?’ is vulnerability and worthiness

It’s the ‘I want to get it right’ so I can be good enough, be loved, be accepted, be safe, and be fill in the blank.

When I first started teaching Yoga I wanted to get it right so badly for a number of reasons, but mostly to be liked and validated. I remember teaching classes and saying all the ‘right things’ and sometimes it worked, but often I left class feeling disconnected and exhausted because for an hour and half instead of being present with my students I was trying to get it right.

When I finally let my guard down and took the pressure off of my self-worth being attached to whether or not I was liked I ‘got it right’ by diving in, making mistakes, connecting to my students in real time, and serving from a place of vulnerability and the present moment. (It’s still a practice :)).

What I have learned through this process is that being SO attached to ‘getting it right’ blocks creativity, flow, real true connection, and full expression on the yoga mat and quite frankly in life.

This month join me for a special Yoga’licious Girls Night Out where I am going to teach you a few of the basic foundational ‘how to alignment’s’ in the Vinyasa Yoga practice so you can access more strength, flexibility, and ease in your body…

…But here is the twist YOUR creative, fully expressed, amazing self gets to still join the evening because you get to throw away your “Am I Doing this Right” and step into a healthy dose of inquiry and play instead.

Sound good?

Join me May 4th for this special evening of yoga, food, and girl time and in the meantime where can you replace the “am I getting it right” with a healthy dose of curiosity on or off your mat instead?

Have an amazing week!


Ps. I am off the NYC next week so stay tuned for some fun updates and a video blog is coming soon 🙂

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