Do you lead your life from ‘what nourishes you’? (practices inside for you!)

Do you lead your life from ‘what nourishes you’?

Listening to that soft internal voice that says “slow down” or “it’s time to rest.”

I mean like when shit-hits-the-fan do you make choices that nourish you and connect you to your core?

And I don’t just mean the nourishment in relationship to the food you put in your mouth, but the moment to moment choices that bring you into alignment with yourself.

Perhaps you know what nourishes you, yet you seem to continue to make choices that bring you further away from feeling nourished, connected, and spacious?

I’ve heard from so many clients over the years how they can get stuck in a cycle of getting caught up in the over care-taking others (putting their own needs last), bypassing their own no, staying up way past their ideal bedtime checking Facebook, and not creating space and time for self care.

Maybe you can relate? I too have had this experience before, and it’s one of the biggest places I support my clients in; the shift into nourishment at a core level.

So the question is how do you come home to yourself and reconnect to YOU in the midst of all of that life presents? (especially as we enter into the uncharted territory of 2017, politically and worldwide.)

Today, in the U.S., is a big day.  No matter what political perspective you choose to take, there is a big shift in leadership with the inauguration. A shift that undeniably is going to stir things up and bring long standing unconscious patterns to the surface for us all to face and heal.

I hesitated to include the political part of the puzzle, but I am not willing to pretend this shift doesn’t have an impact on our lives and our world.

I hear so many women coming out of hiding and wanting to be of service to the world and stand up in ways they may have been scared to do before… am I speaking to you?! This is a beautiful thing and something our Earth SO needs, AND what I have learned over the years is you/me/we must nourish ourselves FIRST to be able to make an impact in the ways you want to.

Are you with me?  Are you willing to take a stand for your own nourishment FIRST? 

To get you started, I want to leave you today with some reliable ways you can come home to yourself (no matter what) and feel NOURISHED at your core:

  1. Lead with Nourishment as your intention. When you wake up in the morning and then throughout your day keep coming back to the question, “what would nourish me the most in this moment?”
  2. Repeat after me :), “self care and nourishment of myself as a first priority is NOT selfish.” When you are an advocate for your self care and self nourishment first, it opens up time, space, freedom, and energy to be even more impactful with your family, colleagues, work life, and community.  
  3. Take “mini moment’s” throughout the day.  While nourishing your own ‘well’ could look like a long bath or a massage, it can also be a quick 5 minutes of breathing with no interruptions, or consciously choosing to take a 5 minute walk around the block.  Imagine how you might feel if you gave space for multiple mini moments of nourishment throughout the day!
  4. Recommit. Are you willing to give up the idea that will always choose towards nourishment? There are going to be days you slip out of your rhythm and routine.  Instead of spending days on end on the hamster-wheel-of-judgement for not following through on your commitment to yourself, give space to acknowledge your experience and then recommit and give your attention towards what you really want.
  5. LOVE. Let loving all parts of yourself be your compass. I know this sounds cliche, and I truly believe in all my being that as each of us integrate and love all parts of ourselves it has the potential to make big healing impact on our world.

I would love to hear what is resonating for you? What’s your favorite practices you call on around nourishment of yourself?  Would love to hear!

Big love,

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