How to love yourself when everything feels unfamiliar and uncertain {A free meditation for you!}

    What do you do when the ground beneath you feels shaky?

    When everything that felt familiar to youseems to have shifted overnight, and you barely recognize yourself.

    Where you wake up in the morning, realizing that you are not willing to pretend or put a Band-Aid over your authentic self anymore.

    Recently I have been feeling a monumental shift happening collectively and even within myself.

    I am seeing people waking up to the truth of who they really are.  

    A collective force rising up, and expressing itself through women sharing their voices, claiming their sacred bodies, and allowing themselves to be seen.

    Can you feel it?

    So often in the work I do with women through Yoga’licious I hear the question,“how do I continue to return to my center, feeling connected and in love with myself as I walk the unknown path of change personally and collectively?” 

    I too have wondered this very question, as over the years I have experienced many initiations, times where I felt unsure, scared, and like everything that was once familiar now felt foreign to me.

    It’s a question I am imagine at some point you have played with yourself.

    Today, I want to share with you an embodied practice that has revolutionized the way I connect and love myself in times when everything feels like it is shifting at a rapid pace.

    It’s a practice that many of clients have received nourishing and profound benefits from, and something you can practice on and off your mat wherever you are!

    The practice: Re-aligning in your True North Tadasana.

    Tadasana in the yoga asana practice, also known as mountain pose, is the foundation of your entire practice.  

    Tadasana is about re-aligning with all parts of yourself, and standing in your body and yourself in a way where you feel in tuned with your center; grounded, steady, integrated, and yet fluid all at the same time.  

    Think about Tadasana as leading your life from the inside/out instead of outside/in.  As you move, breathe, eat, and make choices from your Tadasana you line back up with what is most true for you in any given moment.  

    Imagine, during even the most uncertain of times, even if you have no idea what is going to happen next, feeling connected to your center.  That’s the power of this practice.

    I would like to share a special visualization meditation, that I recorded a while back for some of my clients, to walk you through re-aligning with your own true north Tadasana.  Cool thing is, all you need is yourself and a place to stand.

    Click HERE for Meditation

    As you go through the practice I would LOVE to hear your experience, and what you noticed in your body during and after the meditation.

    Lots of love,

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