My BIGGEST share yet: I am giving birth + what’s in it for you (part 3 of 3)

I’m coming to you raw and naked today as I reveal my newest creative offering. One I designed with you in mind.

If you remember from my last 2 emails, I’ve been sharing with you some of my biggest learnings around the theme of Expression:

  • Getting past my fears of what people thought of me so that I could step into my voice and expression through playing the harmonium.
  • Making a huge shift in the way I was teaching yoga, and bravely listening to my inner wisdom even when I was scared of the unknown.

And after all that and then some, want to know what I think is the biggest gift of stepping into your self expression?

It’s no longer being held back by the chains of what is comfortable.

Let me explain.

At the end of last year it became apparent that things in my business were beginning to shift. At first I resisted it. Things were working well in my business – I was feeling stretched but pretty comfortable – so I figured, why risk what was already working?

I knew I could keep playing it “safe”, yet something lit up in me and I couldn’t deny the creative, authentic impulses that wanted to be expressed through me anymore.

Two things I knew that needed to shift were:

  1. it was time to retire Occupy Beauty (my live event I have put on for the last 3 years)  and in it’s place birth the newest in-person event that was creatively coming through me.
  2. it was time to give birth to my newest creative website. To really stand in my expression and my work, and reveal that to the world.

Similar to what I shared in my last two emails, I felt scared. Those familiar feelings of: “will I be judged?,” “I will have less control over what people think of me,”and “I am opening myself up to the big scary unknown” came rushing through but then I thought about a quote that I referenced A LOT when I first began my business:

The Anais Nin quote “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

And so in the darkness of Winter last year I became more interested in being willing to risk and release what was comfortable for the freedom of being fully expressed in where and how I am meant to share next –

Not just for me, but because my belief is NOW more than ever your expression and being you (I mean ALL of you),  is what is going to support the shifts we all want on this planet.

When you block the flow of your expression it is like kinking a hose, leading you to feel tight, constricted and generally unwell. Everything from your work life to your personal life is impacted when you are cut off from the flow of your expression.

It’s time to step out of the addiction of apologizing for your essential expression and step into your own power and the way expression uniquely moves through you.

It’s time to completely shake-up the context of what expression has been in our society, and that is why I am so excited to reveal to you the birthing of my new website and with it, my newest offering, birthed straight from my self expression to yours.

It’s a complimentary in-person event called The Expressed Woman, just for you!

Click here to learn more details and sign up:

What I love most about this event is that it’s very creation was part of my own journey of expression, and it’s designed to support YOU on your journey of stepping more into your own expression.

The Expressed Woman in-person free event on June 3rd is here because I believe that you were born with a natural unrelenting urge to be your fully expressed self… that you were not born to just coast through and live on the surface, but to taste the many forms of your own expression.

When you live your life expressing yourself fully in body, mind, and spirit, there is a freedom you experience in every fiber of your being that brings your life into technicolor focus.

I would love to experience that freedom with you, in person, in a community of powerful women, in the sacred container of The Expressed Woman event.

Tickets to this powerful event are complimentary and first-come first-served(once we fill to capacity they will no longer be available) –

All you have to do is claim your seat by signing up

We are experiencing a global awakening and more and more women are stepping into their calling. I want to help you live to your greatest potential and reflect your soul sparkle into this world!

So whether you are a masterful expresser, someone more scared to share or someone just starting to explore her expression, all are welcome as we create a safe space of discovery.

No more tip toeing around the truth of who you really are; it’s time to Express Yourself.

Sign Up Now:

I hope to see you there!


Ps. As my commitment to bringing this powerful message to as many women as possible, I am keeping this in-person event completely free of charge for you yet there is a max capacity for the room, so claim your space

Pps. Once you sign up for the event, take a looksie around at the new site and enjoy!

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