To the Wonder Woman in you. {read now for a burst of aliveness and inspiration}

First, I feel so grateful for the gift of being able to share with you on a more consistent basis over the past few months. I have heard from many of you how helpful what I have been sharing has been for you in your own life.

As I sit down to write you this note, I am coming off of the big energy magic of Saturday, and being able to serve and experience a dream actualized by leading the first ever Expressed Woman event.

I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that Wonder Women the movie came out the same weekend of my Expressed Woman event, and so I made sure to see it the day after.

On the heels of leading the event Saturday, and being witness to the powerful claiming of the feminine energy that each woman was  experiencing in her own unique way throughout the day, I was deeply moved by the incredible transformations and ahas that were happening in that room. The next day, I got my ticket to Wonder Woman and as I witnessed more of the power of the feminine rising that was depicted through the movie screen, I was in tears. (I even had to sit in the theater a little longer to give space for my feelings).

I was so moved that I felt compelled to share my take on it here with you.
(Don’t worry – there aren’t any spoilers :))

What I saw in this movie was the power of the feminine rising. What exactly is “the feminine rising,” you might ask? I see it as the act of leading with our compassion, our creativity, our softness, our vulnerability. I see it shared in the ways we mother (whether we have children or not), and the way we discover solutions without having to fight or hate or push harder, remembering that softening, opening, and being vulnerable are just as powerful and effective. I see it as allowing our full fierceness through, too… standing on our own two feet and saying “I am fucking powerful!”

Yes, we have both light and dark qualities within us (no one is immune to some of the darker emotions we try to hide like anger, fear, and on the flip side, the light of our full brilliance and genius is always inside), and no matter how hard it gets or how easy it may feel to give up, love, wonder, and curiosity always win.

While it may be so easy to separate or get caught in the blame game, or think we have to hide our true nature, hate does not fight hate. It just creates more of it.

The war we are often fighting is within ourselves, and the way out is through: with our love, our compassion, our fierceness, our feelings, our body intelligence, and our full expression.

I feel that the feminine lives within you in all her perceived messiness and perfect imperfections.  What’s going to heal this world, I believe, is embracing the feminine rising and bringing all of ourselves to the table.

I saw this and felt this so deeply in the room full of women who came to my eventon Saturday and in the women I get to serve.

We are waking up, we are claiming our genius essence, and it’s time to remember our own divinity.
It’s in there. It always has been.

I thank god/goddess/universe for the gift of our voice and expression and power.

I thank god/goddess/universe for my purpose, my creativity, my passion, and my connection to what I can only describe as what I was born to share on this planet.

I feel we are going to do it together in collaboration not in isolation. Done are the days of competition.

We have had it in us all the time.

So on this Wednesday, wherever you are when you are reading this, I invite you to remember just how amazing and loveable you are.

It’s time. The world does not need some watered down version of us, but ALL of us.

And to bring all of our expression into creation we need to nourish and give loving attention to ourselves consistently.

What’s one step you can take today towards giving yourself the permission to soften and nourish yourself? Can you give yourself permission to relinquish any ideas that you have to DO more to be loved, and instead just BE who you are?

This is what is coming through me at the moment.

Please go watch Wonder Woman if you need a reminder! And I would love to hear your discoveries after you see it 🙂

With love,

P.s. these blog posts will be going back to the every-other-week schedule, so you won’t see a letter from me next week….but I’ll be back in two weeks. Til then I SO see the “wonder woman” inside of you (even if we have never met in person), and I am excited to keep sharing in hopes of inspiring you to remember that what you are seeking outside yourself, is already within you.

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