Embracing Summer. Are you resisting celebration?

In all honesty, I struggled to sit down and write to you this week.

My perfectionist started to take over, trying to say the “right thing”…

And between the energy of the full moon and choosing to complete old patterns that haven’t served me… I’ve been feeling a bit extra raw and sensitive (can you relate?).

As my commitment to staying engaged and connected to you… I am choosing to share what is real, raw, perfectly imperfect, and in the moment with the hopes of inspiring you to give yourself that same permission.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the thick of Summer, and I have watched myself oscillate between honoring the season of Summer which is the natural part in the cycle of celebration/play/pleasure/being, and feeling like I “should” be doing more.

If you’re anything like me, I suspect, that you too might notice an internal “struggle” with the season of celebration and being more?

If you’ve noticed yourself being extra hard on yourself and beating yourself up for being “lazy” I want to remind you today that everything, including us, has a season and a rhythm.

We are in the wheel of the year, Summer, where it is time to be more in celebration and allowing.

It’s that time of fullness. Play. Freedom. Embracing your desires.

You might naturally feel less desire to “work” in front of your desk, and more desire to be outside playing in nature.

This feeling is a natural part of the rhythm of the year, and to resist the flow just creates more struggle.

So today, I am here to remind you, and myself too, that instead of gripping or clinging to an idea of what you think you should be doing, here’s a reminder to play and be free, and cherish this time of year… 

not for some goal or so you can better adjust to the Fall, but so you can fully receive the fullness that lives inside you that this season is reminding you of.

Have your ever thought that maybe ALL the tasks/shoulds/doings that come with a “should” may not be all yours to do in the first place?

So, I invite you to play this week with the wondering of, “ How can I embrace and enjoy the season or cycle I am currently in?” “How can I most fully receive the energy of celebration and fullness that the Summer is mirroring and inviting me into?”

Celebrating with you,

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