I’ve Never Done this Before. Feeling really excited to share this with you!

Hello beautiful,

As I reveal a special project today that I’ve been working on over the past month for you (keep reading :)), I had a completely different opening to this email all set and ready to send.

And yet with all that is happening collectively in our world right now–fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes–I followed my own natural rhythms and decided to shift this opening to you.

Mother Earth is speaking loudly, and my sense is that in this pivotal moment it is an invitation to wake us up in many ways. To wake us up to our natural rhythms that we so easily can forget to re-align with inside ourselves, especially in world where there is so much upheaval and massive collective shifts taking place at the moment.

Coming home to our natural rhythms is the shift from burning the candle at both ends and exhausting yourself with worry, to feeling truly grounded and connected. Deeply anchored to your life in a way that nourishes and empowers you.

While re-aligning to your natural rhythms and creating time for essential self-care may feel indulgent in times like these, I am here to tell you that it is actually one of the smartest choices you can make for yourself.

And my sense is deep down inside, you know that’s true… that living life the way you have been–running on auto-pilot, feeling like you just can’t keep up or catch your breath–isn’t sustainable. And it’s definitely not as good as it gets.

You deserve better, and you know it. 

I know what you might be thinking…

“All that sounds great, Melanie, but nothing’s really ever going to change for me.”

I’m lovingly calling B.S.

Over the past 6  years, I’ve not only come home to myself–to my natural rhythms and essential expression–I’ve also supported so many other women in doing the same.

Which is why…

(Drumroll please!)

I’m deeply honored to share with you a brand new podcast series (first of it’s kind in the Yoga’licious world!), the Yoga’licious Honest Conversations Podcast: Re-aligning to your Natural Rhythms.

Over the next week, I’ll be visiting your inbox a little more than usual, sharing four intimate conversations with women who happen to be amazing clients, and who have experienced first-hand what it’s like to be out of sync and, with support, to come back into alignment with their natural rhythm and essential expression.

Each of these women have courageously made choices to slow down, unwind limiting beliefs around their body and expression, and rediscover the sacred inner wisdom that guides their lives. And they’re here to share a little bit about the journey.

This podcast is an invitation to remember: women are NOT robots, designed to go at full speed all the time and to overlook our desires and our deep need for pleasure, self-care, and the freedom to be who we are.

And it’s time to talk about that. About the vital experience of re-aligning with your own natural rhythm.

In this series, we’ll cover:

  • What it means to outsource your power, how to determine if you’re doing it, and how to step back into a place of true authorship of your life.

  • How to loosen the paralyzing grip of perfectionism and people pleasing so that you can refocus your energy and harness the power of your body’s natural rhythms.

  • What it’s like to release a lifetime’s worth of powerfully negative stories about your own body, coming back into alignment with your own sacred nature and beginning to honor yourself as a sacred temple.

  • The importance of releasing, once and for all, the false belief that self-care is in any way selfish and to deepen into the truth of just how essential self-care is for our overall well-being.

And that’s just the beginning. These women have shared their journeys so intimately–from the darkest moments of self-doubt to the powerful practices they’ve used to ignite their transformation–and I’m so excited to share these recordings with you!
In addition to it being a space to come home to your essential wisdom, the Yoga’licious Honest Conversations podcast series holds another sacred purpose–to honor the opening of the brand new incarnation of my Yoga’licious 6-Month Group Program: Re-aligning with your Natural Rhythm and Essential Expression!

This past year has been BIG for me–in re-aligning to my natural rhythms and unapologetically expressing everything that wants to come through me–and I’m so excited to share all of my heart-and-soul learnings with the 15 to 20 women who will be stepping into this powerful container with me, embarking on a sacred this six-month journey.

This program is all about re-aligning with yourself. With your center. It’s about learning how to return home, over and over again, each and every time you’re pulled away. About learning how to get off the hamster wheel of reactivity and deepen into the truth of your being before you act, so that you can feel home: inside yourself.

Free. Alive. Connected.

THIS is the program I wish I’d had to support me during the bumpiest moments of my journey. In all those moments I found myself experiencing a new edge, expanding into myself and my own never-ending unfolding.

I’ll be sharing more intimate details of this new offering over the course of this series. For now, prepare yourself to receive these gorgeous podcasts. I’ll be releasing them over the course of this week, so grab your calendar now and schedule in 45 minutes or so of sacred time for yourself to listen to each episode. Whether you prepare a cup of tea, draw a bath, or go for a delicious walk in nature, use this listening time to begin slowing down and reconnecting to your natural rhythm and essential expression.

You deserve it. Not because you earned it, but because you are already brilliantly magnificent. 

Big love,

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