Stop the merry-go-round of self-hatred

Hi Beauty,

“My body betrays me.”

“I’ll never have the body that I want.”

“No matter what I do, I never see anything changing.”

These stories are crazy making, and can keep you trapped in a box of fixing, perfecting, moving further away from your own natural rhythms, and trying to fit yourself into a box that was never your box of expression in the first place.

When I began working with Angie Swanson-Kyriaco, a dear client of mine, she was totally caught up in the cycle of feeling ‘not enough.’ She felt disconnected from her body and was constantly beating herself up about her weight, which led to either overeating or extreme dieting.

Through our work together, so much has shifted for her, and I have had the honor of watching Angie come home to her body and discover a whole new way of connecting with herself; releasing years of shame around her body experience.

If you’ve been following these emails, then you know I have been sharing a brand new inspiring and game changing 4 part podcast series Yoga’licious Honest Conversations: Re-aligning to your Natural Rhythms.

Today’s 3rd episode with Angie (a wise and magnificent woman) is for YOU to once and for ALL begin to SHIFT your “my body will never be enough story,” and create a new self-loving story with the world, coming home to your body as a sacred temple.

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There is another choice. With support and new practices, if you choose it, you can have a relationship with your body that is based in self-love, appreciation, care, and nourishment.

This is exactly why, along with these gorgeous podcasts, I’ve created:

The Yoga’licious 6-Month Group Program: Re-Aligning with Your
Natural Rhythm and Essential Expression

Because when you re-claim your body and yourself…everything changes.

Your relationships become juicier and more connected.
You experience more love wherever you go.
Your work becomes more meaningful.
You notice you enjoy the little things and big things in your day much more.

If I am speaking to your heart & soul right now, please take a look at the programimmediately and let me know if you’d like to connect on the phone about it—our journey begins October 14th and I only take up to 15 women each year.

I am waiting here for you, and can’t wait to speak.

(Your future self is waiting for you too!)

Big love,

Ps.  I know there are SO many programs and activities out there these days, that it can feel overwhelming. I want to share that the Yogalicious program is different than ANYTHING you have ever experienced before. If you’ve been curious, let’s speak. You can schedule your time HERE

Pps. You can connect with Angie at: 

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