If you’re a people pleaser or perfectionist, this one’s for you! {Podcast #2 in series}

Hello beautiful,

Frozen. Stuck. Afraid of getting it wrong.

Worried about what other people think.

Saying “yes,” when you really mean “no.”

These are symptoms. Of perfectionism. Of people pleasing. Of over-committing ourselves in ways that don’t feel good. These are symptoms of what happens when we’re out of sync with ourselves. When we’re lacking that daily ritual that nourishes us, grounds us, and connects us to our own inner rhythm.

Do you know that feeling of pure exhaustion? The discomfort that happens when you’re making choices from a place of perfectionism? Of trying to get it all right and to keep everybody around you happy?

Now, I’m not saying that we need to get rid of the people-pleasing and perfection-driven parts of ourselves, but I am saying that maybe it’s time to give that part of ourselves a “better” job and one that is a lot more fun. A job that will free up so much energy for you to begin engaging more fully with life and taking action from a space of true connection to yourself.

When we began working together two years ago, Genna Romero [self-love and fitness guide] was feeling resentful and bitter. Locked in the grips of intense fear. Her story is an incredible example of what happens when you begin to loosen your grip on getting it all “right.”

In this conversation, Genna shares with us how she’s learned to make new choices that bring her more fully in alignment with her natural rhythms and essential expression. My sense is you will feel inspired, moved, and awakened at your heart level as you hear Genna share some of these most intimate moments of her journey.

I invite you to create some sacred space for yourself–draw a bath, grab a cup of tea, or cuddle up on your living room sofa–to enjoy this intimate conversation in the second episode of this special podcast series, Yoga’licious Honest Conversations: Re-aligning to your Natural Rhythms.

Episode 2: How to loosen the paralyzing grip of perfectionism and people pleasing

In this playful and honest conversation, Genna and I explore:
  • Genna’s journey–how she found the gifts inside her people-pleasing and perfectionist energies, how she’s used them to serve her growth, and how you can do that too.
  • How bitterness, fear, loneliness, and feeling unsafe are natural expressions of being out of sync with our authentic rhythm, and how to begin playing with these feelings as a method of coming home to yourself, instead of making yourself “wrong” for experiencing them.
  • Why “getting rid” of the parts of yourself that may not be fully serving you isn’t the solution–no part of yourself wants to be gotten rid of!–and what new choices you can begin making to shift those energies so that you’re no longer at their mercy.
  • A real glance into re-commitment–why it’s a total game changer, especially for your inner perfectionist.
  • How you can begin learning to take up more space as a powerful antidote to your people-pleasing tendencies.

Genna’s story is such a beautiful reminder that loving ALL parts of yourself–and I mean all parts–is crucial to happiness. And that learning to play with and embrace those parts of yourself that you find less than desirable is one of the quickest pathways to your growth. It’s been my deepest pleasure to support her on her path. I’m so honored to share this conversation with you.

You can connect with Genna Romero at: 

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If you’re ready… 

  • to create a new, more life giving experience around all of the people-pleasing,
  • to redirect your own energy in a way that serves rather than enslaves you,
  • and to rediscover the comfort and ease that comes from re-aligning with your own natural rhythms and essential expression,

It’s time for us to talk!

I created the new incarnation of this Yoga’licious program from the depths of my being. On this six-month journey, Re-Aligning with Your Natural Rhythm and Essential Expression, I’ll share the deep heart-soul-learning-discoveries that have fueled the transformation in my life and in the lives of my clients.

I designed this program because on this journey, we need support. I have learned that inevitably, if left to our own devices, we forget to check in. You skip that practice, and then the next one, and before long, it snowballs. A day, a week or more, beating up on yourself. You slip back into old patterns of self-criticism and self-doubt, mistrusting your body and your intuition.

It’s time to call in the support you deserve.

There’s something so immensely powerful about having someone awesome (me!) who has been where you are. Someone who really sees you, and who can hold that space for you to shine a loving light on those areas where you’re keeping yourself small. Someone who can help you play big. And there’s something deeply transformative about being part of a sisterhood where you can truly be yourself.

Are you willing to make a stand for yourself and claim your space?

Maybe there is some part of you that feels deeply called. There’s a fiery “yes” in your belly, and that part of you wants to hear more.

But if I know many of you, your inner perfectionist may be piping up: “It’s not the right time!” 

“After I get that raise, then I’ll invest in myself.”

“I’ll treat myself to something like this…after I lose the weight.”

“When things slow down and I have more time, then I’ll focus on me.”

These thoughts are your limiting belief systems made manifest. They’re the parts of you that are supporting you in keeping yourself small. On de-prioritizing yourself as a means of keeping yourself safe. Often at the cost of your own happiness. Your wellbeing.

It’s time for a change, and together we will support you in re-prioritizing your needs and wants NOW–not after you think you’ve arrived in some mythical land of perfection and are “ready” for it.

If any part of you is feeling a YES right now as you read about this sacred six-month journey, I invite you to get in touch with me right away (click HERE) to claim your spot for your complimentary no-strings attached call. This call is an opportunity: for you to be seen and heard; for us to intimately connect and feel into where you are right now, exploring what kind of support you’re most needing in your life; and to discover if the Yoga’licious Way is the path that resonates for you–the path that will ignite the fires of transformation in your life.

There is absolutely NO obligation to sign up for the program from our call, and if you end up deciding the program is for you I will extend a special discount to you for taking this first, incredibly courageous step.

If you’re not quite ready to reach out, that’s okay too. You can click here to learn more about it and begin feeling into the possibilities that will blossom in your life as you realign with your natural rhythms and essential expression.

Big love,

Ps. Stay tuned for the next podcast in the series–Angie shares her experience of shifting her negative beliefs about her body to realign with her natural rhythm and essential expression. For those of you who’ve struggled with body image, this one’s for you!

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