Ever feel afraid to express what’s true for you? {inspiration inside}

Speak your truth.

What does that even mean?

For some of us that may mean having that difficult conversation and being revealed and honest about what you’re feeling.

For others that might look like making clear requests and asking for what you need – even though it scares you.

However, it comes through for you-in my experience speaking the truth is lining up your inner experience with your outer expression-whether that be words, movement, sounds, feelings, etc.

One of my ongoing commitments is to speak the truth which means befriending & releasing a reliable and familiar old pattern of mine: skirting the truth.

There are many reasons we shy away from truth — from the fear of judgement and rejection, to the fear of not saying the right thing, of being argued with, or of not being liked.

And though I’ve committed fiercely to authenticity, there is also this ancient part of me where I still hold myself back at times, and shy away from going all the way with what I want to say.

Maybe you can relate?

A lot of this for me relates back to my desire to control others’ experiences. Specifically, my desire to control how others experience me. I was taught at a very early age what it was to be a “good girl”- who didn’t rock the boat or be inappropriate – and I internalized that receiving love was somehow dependent on me making sure everyone around me was happy. I bought into the belief that I was responsible (in control) of the wellbeing of others.

It’s incredible that while I’ve been on this journey of radical authenticity, I’ve still been holding back in subtle ways — wanting to control how people take in my words and thinking that if I could just perfect this newsletter copy or this coaching session or this conversation with my boyfriend to name a few, that I’ll run less risk of being left or rejected. In truth, that isn’t serving anyone. It has kept me from sharing my fullest expression and from connecting intimately, in the way I truly desire… in the way that serves most deeply.

In my journey of continuing to move through layer after layer of releasing this fear, what I’ve come to understand is something I feel radiating from the very core of my being: all any of us really want is to radically BE ourselves. We desire to wake up, to walk into our lives and our relationships, and to say, “THIS is me.” 

And so… do you want to come on a ride with me of committing to being ourselves-ALL of ourselves?

Here’s my commitment to myself and you – I commit to being a truth teller here with you. To allowing you to see me fully. To be willing to learn in public and to loosen the grip on trying to make you like me, regardless of the fear that comes up around that. Especially when fear comes up around that.

This may mean that sometimes I don’t fit your perfect image of me. It may even mean that sometimes you won’t love what I have to say or how I choose to show up in my perfect imperfection. Regardless, I commit to keeping it real, speaking to your heart, and hopefully, in doing so, inspiring you to unapologetically say “This is #METOO.”

I’ll leave you with this: I’ve learned the pathway home to our expression and speaking our truth is not a straight line or a direct path. There is no arrival point – that’s just a myth. It’s the practice of committing, and soaring, and fumbling, and enjoying the ride, and then recommitting quickly… all with a sense of humor ;).

To riding the waves of truth with you,

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