Are you afraid to bloom?

Last week, I wrote about the importance of honoring our times of low energy.Today, I am continuing with this theme of honoring our natural seasons, cycles and rhythms, but I want us to take a look at the other side of the coin…

We’re constantly receiving messaging from the external world that reinforces the idea of “never enough,” and if we get caught up in those stories, it may seem like we’re stuck in “not enough” forever, but that just isn’t true. Just as there will always be times of low energy, there will also always be periods of incredible life force awakening within. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re approaching the Summer Solstice, and if you’ve been outside at all, I’m sure you’ve taken note of how the world is coming into bloom. As I’ve been hiking and going for more walks on the beach, I’ve been awed by the shift I’m feeling within myself and by how beautifully that’s being mirrored by the natural world. After a long winter, the plants are lush, the colors are rich and vibrant, the smells and fragrances are delightful, and the animals are all out to play. The birds have been especially talkative…

As I’ve marveled at all this life bursting forth in the world, I’ve also been reminded that this fertile, abundant, more-than-enough energy also lives inside each one of us. It’s the energy that always surges back to life after our periods of internal fall and winter. We so easily forget how much our individual energy mirrors that of the world of nature.

On the other hand, after times of low energy, we can also easily fall into the trap of being scared of or startled by that powerful life force energy when it does show up within us. If we’ve been stuck in feelings of “not enough,” we don’t always know what to do with our newfound abundance.

Ultimately, the mastery of oneself is about tuning into these cycles. It’s about remembering in times of fallow that abundance will always come again…and allowing ourselves to receive it, claim it, and own it when it does.

One of my lifelong learnings has been around unwinding the fear of allowing my natural, abundant energy to shine through me. In the past, I’ve been fearful of outshining others-and I notice that fear still creeping in at times. I’ve dimmed my light in periods of abundance, afraid to be outrageous expressed–raw, unfiltered, unbridled, unapologetically me.

So, at this time of year especially, nature is such an important teacher for me. When I look at the flowers in bloom, I see them fully shining–” bruises” and all–without apology. All of nature’s creatures come to life around us, totally willing to share and express the true magnificence that they are…without apology. Can you imagine a flower wanting to be less bright to make other flowers comfortable? Totally ridiculous!

And so, if any part of you can relate, here’s a reminder: remember that your abundance is a sacred part of you. Create the space you require to receive it and open back up to it-allow space in your life for the juicy expression of abundant energy inside you. 

If it helps, get outside! Let nature be your teacher. Dance barefoot in the grass. Eat foods that remind you of the juiciness inside you. Soak in the sunlight and the moonlight. Let yourself play. 

Most importantly, remember that in expressing all of who you are, you may inspire someone else to remember their own abundant nature…because just like the flowers and the birds, you are a beautiful part of the natural world. 

Shine on, beauty.


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