5 new possibilities for feeling connected to yourself in a world of increasing disconnection

Hi beauty,

Almost 2 weeks ago, I was blessed to lead 16 women at my Yoga’licious retreat in Ojai, and I have so many thoughts and feeling swirling today as I sit down to write to you! Though I’ve been leading these retreats for five years now, I can honestly say I am SO inspired by how fiercely these 16 women showed during our 4 days together.

I am humbled by the opportunity to witness them in their creation of acceptance, love, tears, healing, laughter, radical honesty, and self-expression; and I am deeply touched by the ways in which each woman–in her own way–so generously stepped into supporting herself and her community. There were so many moments I had to pinch myself, because in holding space for these radical transformations, I am living out one of my own most intimate and sacred dreams.

When like-minded women gather in a held and intentional space for growth and exploration something electric happens and I witness time and time again the magic and transformation that is created in these spaces. It’s my sincere wish that all women have access to this kind of connection; in truth, the world needs us, and we need each other.

The experience of being fully expressed–free to be all of yourself, unapologetically, within a circle of sacred sisterhood and out in the larger world–is your birthright. Even if you weren’t present in person with us last weekend, I want you to know that this level of connection is possible for you too, and to begin facilitating that for you, Today I’m sharing some of this past retreat’s emergent themes that you can begin to integrate into your own life:

1. You can always make a new choice. At the retreat, I led the women into many different explorations specifically looking at the stories we tell ourselves. Every time I lead these explorations it becomes even more apparent that many of us are telling stories about our lives and ourselves that aren’t the kindest or most life giving…and in many ways these stories we tell ourselves can keep us small and stuck. The cool thing is, as we intentionally hold space for reflection and friendly curiosity for what is, we can begin seeing more clearly the stories we’re telling and understanding how we may be holding ourselves back through the telling of these stories.  While some of these stories may have been operating for a long time or even were unconscious for a while, it’s important to hold ourselves in compassion when we recognize them and to shift them without judgment. Then, we can simply make a new choice and begin telling a new story that’s more fully in service of who we are and what we know deep down is true.So, remember next time a limiting story arises, you can accept it, acknowledge, honor the ways it’s protected you, and then make a new more life-giving choice.

2. It’s essential we allow ourselves time and space to relax into our being. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll have heard me say this a number of times. That’s because it’s SO true! Over the course of the weekend, I watched these women go through a softening. Regardless of the state in which they arrived, I watched the walls come down as we held space intentionally for relaxation; as each woman softened, she was able to access deeper and more tender parts of herself…the parts that have been longing to be seen, held, supported and expressed. Whether or not you’re able to go on a full retreat at the moment, remember that slowing down is one of the most powerful ways to honor your sacred being. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, I invite you to build some time into your schedule this week to just be.

3. Being seen and supported by community is absolutely essential to our feeling of wholeness and wellbeing. We are living in a world starved of connection. This may sound counter-intuitive since, through technology, we’re more “connected” than ever, and yet, what I’m discovering is that for so many of us, the rise of connecting device-to-device has brought us out of the inherent natural ability to actually be with other humans. We’ve become so used to hiding behind the safety of our screens that we’re afraid to connect face to face, eye to eye, and heart to heart. Which makes sense! Connecting authentically in presence is so much more vulnerable! And more powerful. It’s not until we allow our walls to come down and we share our vulnerability with others that we remember how truly nourishing it is to be in human presence…without the divide of a device between us. This week notice your tendency to reach for your phone and challenge yourself to do something different: call instead of text or take at least one evening to create some in-person connection with the people you love and see what shifts for you.

4. Every single one of us needs and deserves support, no matter where we are on our path to personal empowerment. I used to have this idea that I was weak if I needed support or that I had to be in crisis to deserve being supported. However, what I’ve learned over the years of doing this work is that having support is essential on all stages of our journey. What’s more, when we allow ourselves to receive support, we inspire others to receive the support they need as well. We can’t see our own blind spots, so regardless of what you’re moving through, calling on a supportive person in your world can make the world of difference. Notice if there’s anywhere in your life you’ve been denying yourself support and take a chance this week by opening up and calling in the support you need.

5. What the world needs now, is love sweet love…it’s the only thing, that there’s just too little of. This song came through Saturday morning at the retreat, and it was a beautiful reminder that regardless of what’s going on, it’s important to keep coming back to love. Isn’t it incredible how music and art can move us and remind us of the essential truths that are always present. Here’s my new favorite version for your listening pleasure:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNQ3vgKNO1g When you find yourself feeling disconnected this week, turn on some music to support you in coming home to the truth in your body of the love that is always and forever flowing through you.

It’s such an honor to share these learnings with you, and I’d love to hear what resonates. What’s speaking to your heart right now? What are you taking away from this email that you can implement easily and pleasurably into your life sooner rather than later? I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email and let me know what’s coming up for you or reach out to a friend to share this message. Remember, true, deep, supportive connection can be discovered all around you…all you have to do is take the first step of inviting it in.

Big hugs,

P.S. If you’ve been craving a space of sisterhood like I am sharing through this article, a space to fully be yourself… and  also feeling intuitively that you’re wanting to call on a supportive space to deepen your relationship to yourself, learn even more deeply how to tune into you, second guess yourself less and take action on visions you are ready to birth then stay tuned because next month I will be sharing the return of my 6 month group program: Re-aligning with your Natural Rhythms and Essential Expression. It’s a program I only do once a year, and only take a up to 12 women, so if you’ve been wanting to join me I will be sharing that special announcement soon.

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