The First, Most Crucial Step…

Hello beautiful,

Only seven years ago, my life was a mess. I spent most nights of October 2011 crying myself to sleep, because the truth is, I felt totally lost and alone.

Just a few months earlier, I’d abruptly left the personal training gig I’d had for years and moved to a new part of Santa Barbara, where I had no real community to support me. I was focusing on healing my body after overtraining for a triathlon, and in the midst of all that, the guy I was seeing–a man I was absolutely head over heels for–ghosted me. What’s more, I had this small seed of an idea of what I wanted to create with my work, but absolutely no idea how to translate that vision into reality.

I was feeling hopeless.

One afternoon, I received an email from a dear friend, Kate, writing to let me know about a business coach she thought I might vibe with. Instantly, I felt butterflies. Before I knew it, my hands were typing wildly. I didn’t allow myself time to second-guess…time to get into the “what ifs” or the “hows”? My gut instinct took over, propelling me forward, and I let myself ride that wave all the way to “send.”

Fast forward seven years, and not only I am still working with this same coach–who has been a tremendous source of support and guidance–but I’ve also radically transformed my life, learned how to show up authentically in every aspect of my being, and created the business of my dreams.

My sense is that deep down, you know you’re being called to something greater.
That you’re tired of always chasing the next thing, living on auto-pilot, and frantically trying to catch your breath. Tired of saying, “When things calm down,then I’ll invest in myself and what I want.” Tired of prioritizing everyone else’s needs above your own.

I know, because I’ve been there. Most of us have. And the terrible thing is when you decide “this is just what it’s like.” That living this way is as good as it gets.

But what if that weren’t true?

What if you could learn to feel deeply anchored to your life, both nourished and empowered by the way you’re living it? What if you could embrace your intuition fully without second-guessing every step of the way?  What would it be like to feel grounded, connected, and ecstatically alive, even when things aren’t going as planned?

I know what you might be thinking…

“All that sounds great, Melanie, but nothing’s really ever going to change for me.”

I’m lovingly calling B.S. Enough with the excuses.

It’s possible to transform your life, and I know, because I’ve done it. What’s more, I’ve helped hundreds of other women do it too.

Are you ready to begin?

I’m deeply honored to be opening enrollment for my signature Yoga’licious 6-month women’s group program: Re-aligning with your natural rhythms and essential expression, and to welcome in a whole new group of women who are ready to learn how to live from their true center.

Are you ready to start honoring your intuition and your voice? To learn how to return home to yourself, time and time again, each and every time you’re pulled away? Most importantly, are you ready to learn how to let go of self-criticism and shame? To stop second-guessing the magnificent, radiant, vibrant woman that you already are? To feel the freedom of walking through your life with your chest open, head high, and a fulfilment that comes from feeling connected within.

It’s time, beautiful. I’m here for you, and so is a sacred sisterhood–here to support, empower, and enliven you. Our journey begins November 2018, live in Santa Barbara, and it would be such a joy to receive you.

If any part of you is feeling a YES right now, I invite you to trust that. Don’t worry about the “what ifs” and the “hows.” They’re not important. Not right now.

Click HERE to schedule your complimentary, no-strings attached call.Seriously, no strings attached! This call is an opportunity for you to trust the calling of your soul and take the first step, regardless of the outcome. You won’t be pressured into anything, I promise.

This call is an opportunity for us to connect intimately, for you to be seen and heard, and for us to discern together what kind of support you’re most needing…. whether the Yoga’licious Way is the path in highest resonance for you. Whether you’re finally ready to ignite the fires of transformation in your life and what it is that you need in order to step into the life you’ve always imagined.

If you do end up deciding the program is for you, I’m excited to extend to you a special enrollment period discount in honor of your courageousness in taking this first, most crucial step.

It’s your birthright to shine, sister. Are you willing to claim it?

All you have to do is reach out.

With love,

P.S. If this isn’t the offer for you, but you’ve got an inkling that another woman you know, and love might be interested, I invite you to share this post with her. My life was totally changed because my friend Kate had the courage to offer me a connection she thought might be useful, and I’ll forever be grateful for the part she’s played in supporting me on my path.

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