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Hello beautiful,

As we are about to embark on Thanksgiving in the states, and the holiday season it can tend to be a time when the energy ramps up.

Yet, as I share so often in these newsletters, just as the seasons change, the rhythms of our lives shift throughout the year as well, because we too are part of the natural world. We are elemental.

Each change in season is an invitation for us: to harmonize our lives, to realign with our own natural rhythms and the sacred rhythms of nature, and to come home… through the lessons that the wisdom of nature holds for us.

While consumerism would have us believe otherwise-with more to-do lists in preparation for holidays, more parties to attend, more big projects to wrap up before the end of the year-  as we move closer to the Winter Solstice this next month it is a time to simplify, slow down, and create time for internal reflection. It is a season for celebrating the spark of light within each one of us and each other, along with shifting into a slower rhythm.

So if you’ve been feeling intuitively called to be more still, to slow down and soften, trust that authentic impulse as it is all a natural part of this time of year.

And so I ask you…

How can you slow down right now?

Where are you willing to simplify this week?

How can you give yourself time to reap what you’ve sown and to honor all the energy you’ve invested in your harvest?

Are you willing to carve out a little or a lot more time and space to just be? To observe how things are shifting and changing in nature and in your life?

I invite you to take a moment now to truly pause. Place a hand on your heart, take a long, deep breath, and say to yourself, “Even though things in my world may feel chaotic and may feel really ‘small’ right now in comparison to all that is happening around me collectively, I choose to honor myself and create space to listen to me and my process”.

When it comes to how we engage, we have a choice, and I’m no longer buying into the story that we have to do more or have everything perfect before we can relax… before we can focus on nourishing ourselves.

In slowing down and honoring the seasons of our lives–honoring this time of transition–we allow time to open up to a vast space of creative and intuitive energies within us.

I’m imagining you as I write creating and enjoying spaciousness for yourself this week in whatever way feels authentic and totally aligned for you. The seemingly ‘tiniest’ of actions can make such big ripples in your life.

With love and gratitude,

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