Want to feel more energy? Let’s start here (it’s may not be what you think it is)

Hello Beautiful!

I’m feeling inspired, after leading my 12 month group program last month, to share with you the power of integration.

Culturally, we have a lot of resistance to slowing down. Consumerism is a big driver of this. The “more, more, more” mindset keeps us moving on to the next and the next and the next. The societal focus on doing and producing has us feeling like it’s criminal to slow down. Like we’ll fall behind somehow. On top of all that,slowing down can be scary. A lot of us are afraid that when we actually slow down, we’ll really feel our feelings, and we may not want to feel what we’re feeling.

Believe me, I get it. But the truth is that when we don’t slow down—creating space for integration in our lives—I feel we miss the gems of wisdom and learning that is in those moments of pause. In learning to create space for integration, we can connect so much more deeply and richly with the insights and internal wisdom we often miss when we’re in constant producing, consuming, and moving-onto-the-next-thing mode. If we’re always consuming and taking in, we never have a chance to integrate and be with what we’ve learned so far. We start feeling less connected to our creativity, blocked off from what is genuinely wanting our attention, and somewhat outside ourselves.

You may be saying, “But I don’t have time to integrate” or “Yeah, integration! I’ll get to that as soon as things slow down.” Believe me, I get it. Time is of the essence, and we all have unique paths that can create very full lives, yet integration doesn’t have to look a certain way and it doesn’t need to take a ton of time. And in all honesty, life never really “slows down,” so you might as well start now. Even one minute of connecting deeply and intentionally with your breath can be a powerful form of integration.

When you allow space for integration, you allow for your own life force and creative energy to reset. You allow space to connect more deeply to your body, and really truly listen. You deepen your commitment to what lights you up and turns you on. You are much more clear-headed and connected to your intuition as you step into the next phase of producing and connecting.

If you’re still feeling some resistance, I get it. Most people do. Intentionally slowing down is one of the biggest growth edges I see for my clients and for myself at times, and yet, this practice is exactly what brings us home to our center beyond all the noise and surface level stuff.

So this next week, here are some questions to support you in reconnecting into the powerful energy of integration as we interact and connect into the energy of Spring, renewal, and new birth:

  1. What have I learned over these past 3 months-beginning quarter of the year? What new ideas, discoveries, openings have come through?
  2. What am I willing to celebrate over these past 3 months? What has worked really well?
  3. Over the last 3 months, from a space of openness and compassion, what isn’t working that I am ready to loosen the grip on, and transform?
  4. Why do I sense it’s so important, and what do I see is possible for me if I were to create space for integration more regularly in my life?

I invite you to really pause and honor your process. You can even seal it in with a gesture of appreciation, a cup of your favorite tea, or another simple ritual.

I’d love to hear from you what you’re noticing and what is coming through from this idea of integration? How do you see it feeding your mentally, spiritually, and personally?


P.S. The return of The Expressed Woman event is happening in June. Beginning next month I’ll be sharing more details about its return, along with some cool new updates of the event, but for now mark your calendars for June 8th!

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