📩 A love letter for your nervous system (cutting through the noise, and showing up with you today)

Hi Beautiful!

First, I am coming to you today with a big virtual hug. I’m honored that you are part of this community, and that I get to serve in this way at this particular moment in history.

I’m aware that you’re probably receiving a shit-ton of emails right now, and if you’re anything like me, it can feel overwhelming. So. Much. Noise.

As always in my writings to you, my intention is to cut through the noise today, not add to it. To share in a way that brings you back to your depth. To ignite a conversation that is both moving and meaningful. A conversation that serves you in re-connecting to your essential self during this time of uncertainty and amplification of so many things on our planet.

I have so much to share with you, especially about my experience of leading a retreat in Hawaii during the big blow up of all the Covid stuff, and the ways I got to really lead and guide. More on that soon, and for now here’s what’s present in my heart for you…

I feel at this moment in time, we have such a powerful opportunity to witness ourselves in an entirely new way. To watch the behaviors that get activated when fear kicks up and to see the thought patterns that exist deep beneath the surface. Why? Because each and every one of us is coming face-to-face with the unknown and that can feel terrifying.

For many of us, this is like an amplification of all the work we’ve already been doing. When it comes to our healing practices, our self-care, our repatterning of old fears and limiting beliefs…it’s kind of like we’re at the olympics all of a sudden with a totally new level of intensity, fear and discomfort to practice with. For me, I’ve felt mostly steady throughout all this, and my practice (which was already my practice before all this) has been self-trust, trust in spirit, trust that I am well even when I get scared, trust that I don’t need to over deliver in order to make an impact.

Not to take away the propensity of the situation at hand and how sad it is in many ways, and to me the silver lining I feel in all this is we get to be even more intentional about how we’re caring for ourselves, about the information we’re taking in, about how we connect with the world around us. And that can be a grounding experience or a disempowering one–we get to choose who and how we want to be in this moment. For ourselves and for the people around us.

My question for you is this: Have you taken a moment to pause and notice how fear of the unknown is showing up for you right now? What’s going on beneath the surface that wants to be witnessed and tended to? When you let go of the pushing and forcing and worrying and distracting yourself, what’s really there? Will you allow yourself to truly be still and feel what’s emerging?

And so lovely, I’m here holding you, loving you and reminding you that you can create space for these reflections. That you can choose to pause, and make choices about what you give your attention to. That you can nourish yourself right now. I want you to remember that something vast inside you already knows how to care for yourself-and it’s okay to give yourself a break and allow room for rest, stillness, and intentionality.

This is the moment to practice. Even though it might not always feel like it, I feel in my whole being you’re ready.. What’s more, you also have support. I’m here.

More to come soon.

With love,

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