Have you ever stopped to truly think about why you may be so exhausted?

Hello sweet soul,

I know it’s been a whirlwind these past few months, and I want you to know how grateful I am to be here with you. I don’t take for granted the mental energy it takes to read a thing, and I’m honored by your presence.

Back in February, I shared with you that I’ve transitioned to a new business name, Essence’tially You. Today, I want to get intimate and vulnerable with you about why this transition is so important for me and why this new name is such a necessary placeholder for the work that we’re up to together.

I didn’t know it at the time, yet I feel intuitively the timing of changing the container that essentially holds my work was exactly what was needed as our world changed overnight-especially with the Corona Virus. I feel now more than ever being Essence’tially YOU is what is needed as we navigate this new world and all the uncertainty.

What I’ve also discovered in this transition is that Essence’tially You isn’t only the name of my business…it’s a path that I get to walk over and over and over again. And it’s a path that I support others in walking too. And it matters so much to me because I know firsthand and also see all around me the pain that comes from living a life divorced from who we truly are.

Have you ever stopped to truly think about why you’re so exhausted? About how much energy it takes to maintain your image? Think about it…if you’re always trying to measure up to some standard of perfection that exists somewhere outside of you, and that keeps changing all the time, no wonder you’re feeling depleted.

The impact is living life perpetually on the hamster wheel. You may be so busy being who you think you’re supposed to be that you never get to relish in who you already are and what you’re capable of creating when you tune into your true nature and desire.

Now, I’m not saying that it doesn’t take commitment to become Essence’tially You. Uncovering who you are and dismantling the conditioning that takes you away from that takes focused energy, intention, and fortitude. You get to practice claiming, over and over and over again, what’s essential and true outside of what you’ve been taught is “normal” and “good.”

That said, in my experience and through the work I’ve done with my clients, I’ve seen that reclaiming yourself takes a totally different kind of energy than life on the hamster wheel. When I strive for what I believe the world wants me to be? It’s like I’m perpetually trying to find my footing. My brain feels foggy, and I end my days feeling depleted and empty. When I put my energy towards bolstering what’s authentic and true rather than upholding what’s not? I end my days feeling like my energy has been well spent…I’m left sourced and nourished and proud.

In the not so distant future, I’m going to be sharing different ways you and I can work and play together on the path of becoming Essence’tially You, and in the meantime, I’d love for you to consider…

  • Which parts of your image take the most energy to uphold?
  • What are some of the habits you have or choices you’re making that leave you feeling depleted and exhausted?
  • What would you have to risk in choosing to let those things go?
  • What might be possible if you gave yourself permission to expand into being Essence’tially You?

Be sweet with yourself in this inquiry, my love. These questions aren’t meant to be weaponized against you, and regardless of where you are on your path, you’re not doing anything “wrong.” The truth is, you deserve sweet and tender care as you open up and get curious about all the things you’ve been taught to do that are actually getting in the way of who you truly are.

I’m so looking forward to sharing more about this journey with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if there’s anything you feel called to share, I’d love to know what’s opening up for you.

with love,

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