Life as you know it has shifted; here’s how to meet the changes…

Hello Beauty,

I’m so delighted and honored to invite you to join me for Redefining Soul Nourishment in Unprecedented Timesa virtual, half-day retreat that I’m offering later this month. It’s an offering that’s so near and dear to my soul because Let’s face it, this year no matter where you are on the planet there’s been massive shifts to life as we know it.

Life as we know it has changed from how we get groceries, to how we move our bodies, to how we connect with others.

However you’ve been meeting the present moment I imagine to some degree you may relate to the below scenarios:

  • Your regular go to places for relaxation may not be available.
  • You have been asked to get into a rhythm with kids at home (if you have children), and working from home, yet where has the time gone for your own personal time and care?
  • Your in front of a screen all day long, and yet struggle at times with how you return to yourself, and disconnect from technology/create a separation between work and self-care.
  • You’re dedicated to helping our planet whether it’s around the election or social justice or our healthcare system, and yet where is your own inner listening and inner grounding?

This is why this concept of soul nourishment in unprecedented times is so important to me.

Because amidst the ever changing nature of our world, I want you to feel nourished and learn how to create soul nourishment as a way of life.

I want you to feel connected to your own center, even through the ebbs and flows of life.

And I want you to feel fulfilled and nourished by your life, learning how to create active and dynamic practices that evolve and grow with you, because what you need today may look very different than what you need the next day, week, or year.

Which is why I’d love for you to join us for this powerful interactive retreat.(click HERE to learn more).

In order to create new pathways of soul nourishment we need to create space. Together we’ll come together in community, to get curious about what has and hasn’t been working for you when it comes to soul nourishment, and to create new structures, practices, and patterns that are sustainable.

It’s time to meet yourself where you are right now, not where you think you should be or where you were a few months ago.

You are worthy of feeling nourished. You are worthy of knowing that you have the power to support yourself, no matter what the world brings. You are worthy of feeling content, at peace, at home in yourself…of experiencing love, creativity and curiosity as a way of life. It’s time to honor your internal hunger and longing for life force, and to know that you are the nourishment you need.

I know there’s so many virtual offerings at the moment, and my intention is that this is an interactive space for you to receive, be seen, and feel inspired. I hope to see you there!

With love,

P.S. Imagine feeling nourished, sustained, and in touch with your inherent ability to generate new possibilities. Imagine being able to meet life from an organic and authentic place…and being truly available to yourself and others. That’s what we’ll be up to exploring and implementing in our day together + much more! Click here to register.

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