This is not the time to abandon ship on your care (a special meditation, and ideas for practices for you)

As we find ourselves continuing to meet the bigness of 2020, as well as knee deep in election season, I am checking in on you?

How’s your heart? Your body? Your mind? Your soul? How are you, sweet sister?

I sincerely am asking <3, as I feel it’s so important always, and especially at this particular time, to check in on each other.

I know I keep talking about unprecedented times, yet it’s true, we’re continuing to navigate new waters with so many of our usual go tos not being as available with a pandemic still present, and perhaps you may be feeling isolated or disconnected.

We are also living in a time where information overload is a real thing from social media, to google, to our emails, to online ordering, etc.. And sadly today’s technology has been created to keep us hooked into our devices…overwhelmed with stimuli, addicted to the adrenaline and dopamine hits, and ultimately, unable to discern what matters and what resonates with us from all the rest…which is just noise. (p.s. If you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma it’s a great documentary on this very issue).

And so how do you continue to steer your ship back to your own attunement? To hear your own inner voice and what is truly resonant for you amidst the noise? To know what’s intuition or really just fear speaking?

I feel it begins by choosing to care ferociously for yourself in this moment, NOT LESS. To radically choose to deepen an inner listening, and to do your best to tune out the manipulation that banks on keeping us numbed out and disconnected.

I am not perfect at this practice, I know that it can be challenging to unhook, as by design so many of these pulls on our attention are playing off our psychology, yet I am here to remind you that you have the capacity to discern, to feel, to know. You are a powerful person, and I want to remind you of that :).

I want to remind you too that your body is a powerful vessel and has a vast intelligence within it that is waiting for you to hear and listen.  it’s okay to listen and look within. It does NOT mean you’re selfish!

And so here are some ideas of how to listen within that you could choose right now in this very moment:

a. Clarifying agreements with yourself on how engaged you want to be with your devices, especially social media. I personally have done this many times, and it’s a game changer.

b. Look ahead. Take your schedule out and very purposefully schedule out “YOU TIME”. Even if it’s mini moments throughout the day, creating the space is what helps it take shape.

c. Create intentions. I love intentions because they support me in clarifying an aim and where I want to be directing my attention and energy. You can start by simply creating a word or phrase intention each day, or you can go as far as setting an intention for your week. It becomes a compass for how you navigate life more consciously. For example you could have an intention of slowness, or self-care, or being more, or … Have fun with it!

d. Assess your needs. We all have needs, it doesn’t make you needy. Create some space to sit down and reflect on your needs. From your most basic like food, water, shelter, and then expand on it like your need for connection, love, space, etc.

e. Communicate what you need with others. This one has been one of my biggest edges, yet has also been a game changer. I am learning it doesn’t make me weak to ask for what I need, it’s a form of strength to know myself, and also clarify my needs.

f. Create space to just be. To practice being still. To quiet your thoughts and potential racing mind. This could look like active meditation, or simply just pausing and breathing and being still.

g. Regularly return back to a deeper listening. Connect in with what you’re truly feeling, and how you are whole-listically. That way you can continue to deepen your discernment of your own voice and Self outside the noise. In service of this practice here’s a meditation I’d like to share with you today that I recorded recently for my monthly practices for my clients. It’s entitled restoring and supporting during amplified times. I hope you enjoy! CLICK HERE FOR MEDITATION

You get to be clear, purposeful, efficient and direct with your energy. You get to be powerful, grounded, and community-minded. Yet we have to choose it.

I see you, and I support you. Feel free to share any thoughts that arise as you’re exploring caring for you.


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