A reframe on POWER. Why owning your power is important, especially right now.

Hello sweet soul,

Hope you’re taking extra tender care of yourself. It’s been a big month with the election and time change, especially this past week, and so if you’re feeling a bit more tender or tired be gentle with yourself.

As I reflected on what to share with you this week, the theme of power kept coming into my awareness, especially with a recent retreat I just led.

Keep reading, as I feel this is SUCH an important theme to explore, especially right now.

POWER…. What does that word even mean?

In today’s world, I see more and more that power is something we may fear and shy away from because it’s often synonymous with greed and corruption, or with control, manipulation and abuse. And in the face of that, it makes sense that we may have a complicated and avoidant relationship with power…that we may more easily reject the idea of power because of all the baggage that comes with it.

And yet, I feel it’s crucial to deconstruct this misunderstanding, and reclaim our inherent power. To re-orient ourselves to a more authentic understanding of power, and see how, especially as women, we’ve been purposely taught to fear our own power by those who are deeply invested in us experiencing ourselves as powerless. Because if we fear our own inherent power, and if we believe that owning our power will cause harm to ourselves or to others because of different ways we’ve seen power exercised in the world, it will be much harder to claim empowerment as our birthright.

To make the shift back to reclaiming our own inherent power, first, we get to transition away from the assumption that “having power” means having power over something or someone. That the function of power is to control or suppress. We get to construct an understanding that owning your own power is about power that comes from within, and that might look a little different for each of us.

To me, power is so much about being in my body. It’s standing in my essential being and authentic self, honoring the rhythms of my energy and my life, and fully occupying my body in its unique form; knowing that my body is magic and has the immense power of creation within it…

Power, is taking responsibility for how I show up moment to moment and for making a choice. It means not collapsing in the face of circumstance or allowing what happens outside of me to dictate my reaction to the world. My power rests in my ability to be connected to my breath and my truth so deeply that no matter what happens, I can respond to the world from an internally aligned place. To me, power isn’t a look, and it’s not necessarily something that can be seen from the outside looking in. it’s a feel, a being, a quality of life. And I believe we all have that energy of power within us.

If you’re willing, I’d like to invite you into an embodiment practice a deeper inquiry around what’s available when you re-engage with the possibility of authentic power from within.

Start with a quick scan to identify somewhere in your life you’ve been feeling powerless. There may be more than one thing, so maybe don’t start with the biggest one…after all this is a practice, not a test. Now ask yourself, “How have I been being about this thing?” Have you been being avoidant, resigned, cynical? Or maybe you’ve been being frustrated, upset, whiny or apathetic. Whatever it is, let that be ok. No need to judge yourself or beat yourself up. Seriously.

Now, come to stillness and close your eyes. Feel your feet on the ground and bring your awareness to the length of your spine, tuning into what alignment feels like in the body. Once you’re there, place your hands on your belly and bring the attention to your breath. As you breathe, meditate on the thought, “I call my power back now. It’s safe for me to be in my power” (this is inspired by a mantra I learned from Lisa Lister). Stay here for a few rounds of breath, repeating this mantra, and when you feel complete, bring your attention back to the area of your life where you’ve been feeling stuck or powerless and ask, “How do I want to be?” What do you notice? What opens up or moves when you reorient yourself toward the possibility of power?

I’d love to hear any insights and explorations. Remember, you are inherently powerful, and I see you powerful sister <3.

Big hugs,

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