A vital next step on your soul journey.

    Let’s face it, you’ve been sold and marketed to on the reg.

    From sponsored ads on social media, to email marketing, you’re being inundated with a new offering every few seconds these days.

    Which is why I completely understand if you are thinking, “not another marketing pitch!!!”.

    I GET it.

    I’m tired of it too.

    The constant prodding at your insecurities that is now increasingly packaged in the dressings and language of self-care, personal growth and empowerment.

    Which can then leave a bad taste in your mouth and becomes a barrier to seeking out support that could genuinely be transformative and game changing for you.

    And sadly while this marketing often “works” (because it activates fear, and survival instincts), at the same time it often leaves you feeling worse about yourself.

    So together let’s do it differently together, shall we?

    I don’t want to just sell to you, or reinforce an idea that you’re not enough (B/C you are already enough and amazing in this very moment!).

    While I believe you have all the answers within, I equally know that it’s of utmost importance to receive support as you’re on your journey of becoming… To have someone help you lovingly shine the light on where you get stuck or in your own way, and pull out the potentials that are uniquely yours to claim, and create… you don’t have to do it alone.

    Which is why I want to invite you to join me, and an intimate group of other incredible women, for a 12- month immersive group program.

    It’s 12 supportive months that are a bridge to where you currently are on your journey of tapping into your essential Self, and designed to give you what you need to create new breakthroughs in your life (body, mind, and spirit), integrate those breakthroughs, and step forward into creating more and more of what you desire.

    I’ve been guiding women through this immersive group journey for many years now, and for the first time ever I am opening it up beyond private invitation to you if you’re feeling the call.

    Through this circle, I’ve seen women create lives of freedom, connection, and peace, and I want that for you.

    From healing primary relationships and expanding a sense of worthiness and belonging, to building the confidence to be able to quit a job that was no longer serving her highest good, to feeling alive again and focusing her efforts on projects she is passionate about, to expanding the courage to leave relationships that weren’t aligned any longer, to powerfully claiming her body and it’s wisdom, the list goes on to what I’ve seen the women who work with me create through this program.

    And one thing that makes this process unique is that while it is a group experience, it is also highly individualized. You ’re not lost in a sea of participants. Each year I only take anywhere from 8-12 women through this process. I’m committed to you and your process. I genuinely care about your desires, and I value your commitment.

    I’m someone who really goes to bat with you… Who believes in your visions and desires, and I genuinely want you to create all that you desire.

    And so, would you like to join me and take these next steps for yourself?

    If this is resonating for you, I encourage you to get in touch with me as soon as possible. To inquire and see what’s possible, all you need to do is to email me with a yes –> meleanie@melanieelkin.com, and I will set up a no strings attached complimentary call with you. We’ll explore more deeply where you are currently in your life, what you’re wanting to create, and I’ll share more about the program and what would be possible for you and your unique process if you were to take this next step.

    There are already 6 women enrolled, and to keep this group intimate and personalized, I only have a few more spots open. This isn’t meant as a push if you’re truly not called to this today… Yet if you are, I’d love for one of those to be yours, so let’s connect now.

    Big hugs, and I do hope to speak with you soon,


    P.S. Here’s a beautiful testimony from a previous participant:

    “As someone who can be a critic of these types of programs, please, please take time to explore this as an option if someone’s recommended it to you or if you feel called to it in any way. I promise you it’s going to change and supercharge your life in ways that will invite you to be the very best version of you for the world to support. You deserve this. One of the best things about this program, outside of all the deep transformational work you’ll do, is that you’ll have SO MUCH FUN! But you’ll just have to dive in for yourself to believe me :)” -Allysa 

    If you’re interested I’d love to speak with you. Start by sending me an email –> meleanie@melanieelkin.com, and we’ll go from there <3

    P.P.S. In case you missed my first post about this, you can check it out here with a bit more details about who this program is for!

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