A year of transformation & deep care for you inside

    Today I am excited to share with you an incredibly transformative and powerful offering I’ve created with you in mind that has the power to help you expand, execute, and deepen into living your life from an unwavering space of being true to YOU!

    It’s a supportive 12-month women’s circle group program that I’ve been leading for many years now, and for the first time ever I am sharing it publicly and opening it to other women (YOU!) who are yearning for guidance, community and support in bringing your own authentic visions, creations, and desires into form.

    This lovingly guided transformational program and group experience is for you if:

    1. You have been on a path of self-discovery and self-awareness, AND you feel pulled to walk even more fully in your life free…. free to be you… free to express yourself… free in your body…  free from self-doubt and limiting structures that tame your essential nature.
    2. You want to more fully trust yourself, the process, and your intuitive nature, and not cut yourself off anymore from your innate instincts and way of living that allows room for rest, acceptance, and being YOU.
    3. You’ve put in work befriending your fears, navigating your limiting beliefs, and understanding your self sabotage. Now, you’re ready to deepen your practice of moving through fears to face and take action on your truest vision and live as your FULLEST self in the world; to feel the ease that happens when fear isn’t guiding your life’s choices.
    4. You want support in even more fully embodying the new paradigms of listening to yourself, owning & claiming your gifts and talents, and feeling the confidence to bring to life that which you desire to create.
    5. You crave the type of work that goes beyond linear learning and into full body interactive/experiential ritual and magic space. You want to go deeper in creating a spiritual practice of connecting to yourself, so you can then apply this whole body learning to your outer actions.
    6. You’re craving deep connection and community with other women (who themselves have already done some deep work). You want to participate in a supportive and safe space where women come together to inspire and champion each other, rather than bonding around competition or complaining.
    7. You want a guide who’ll go to bat for you. Who really SEES all of your brilliance and potential, and will not shy away from lovingly naming where you may be hiding, supporting you in new strategies and opportunities to grow and expand into what you truly desire.

    This program is a one-of-a-kind experience where you’ll have the opportunity to go deep in a series of immersive and transformative in-person retreats, as well as monthly check-in’s to keep you on track with your inner and outer visions. We’re an intimate group, and you get highly individualized access to me as well as an incredible community of like minded women. And good news is you do not need to only be a local of Santa Barbara to participate.

    If you’ve gotten this far with me and anything I’ve shared so far is calling you, don’t ignore that little intuitive nudge to know more (your soul will thank you!) ;).  I’d love to speak with you more and together see what is possible for you if you were to have this supportive space as you navigate this next phase of your life.

    To take the next steps, please get in touch with me as soon as possible, by simply emailing me at melanie@melanieelkin.comand we will set up a complimentary no strings attached time to speak. On that call you’ll have the space to share more with me about what is current for you, what you’re wanting, and then I’ll share more details about the program, as well as how I could see it being a supportive next step uniquely matched for you. Together we’ll then see if it makes sense to move forward.

    While I believe we have all the answers within, what I also know is that we need to create intentional space & time in our full lives to actually tap into and hear that wisdom, otherwise how do we expect to attract and create that which we truly desire. Which is why I created this sacred space for you to be supported, and receive valuable wisdom to apply and integrate in your journey.

    I look forward to the possibility of connecting with you, let’s chat!

    With love,


    P.S. Here’s a testimony from a woman who has participated in this program:

    “When the universe provided me with the opportunity to work with Melanie, I was hesitant at first because I didn’t consider myself to be the type of person (whatever that means) who would participate in this kind of work. I took the chance and couldn’t be more happy that I did. Since working with Melanie, there have been so many positive shifts in my life. I no longer see self care as something I need to earn as I now know it is an essential aspect of my life. My inner dialogue is much more kind and supportive. I am able to move through life in a way that nourishes me and my family in a way that I was unable to do prior to working with Melanie. My relationship with myself has greatly improved, as have the other relationships in my life. I feel I now have a community of women who love and support me, and it is unbelievable how life can change when provided with the time, tools, and professional facilitation.” -Jen Bower

    Intrigued? Let’s connect! Email me at melanie@melanieelkin.com that you’re interested, and we’ll set up a time to speak.

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