When “getting back to normal” isn’t the solution

We’ve had a heck of a year, and one that continues to offer twists and turns.

From lockdowns, to loss, to being separated from the people we love, to our world changing overnight.

We’ve had to pivot.

To make lemonade out of lemons.

To seriously take a pause and reconsider life as we know it.

And even as the world has been opening up over the past few months, there’s still so much uncertainty and divisiveness as we venture into this next part of the year.

The narrative I hear being tossed around so much is, “let’s just get back to normal”, yet I don’t feel that “normal” (whatever that is) even exists anymore, and really never did.

And when we say normal I feel it’s important to consider what it is in “normal” that we’re so desiring to get back to?

Is it comfort? Familiarity? Connection? Safety?

Perhaps, it’s a combo of all of those things and more.

My thought is, how can we create all these experiences we desire from whatever “normal” means to us, without losing ourselves in the process or going blindly into whatever is coming next.

To not just revert to our old habits of distraction, busy, ignoring our inner wisdom and innate body knowing, and getting on with life without really creating space to reflect on this past year, and actively decide how we want to integrate the lessons and experiences of this past year and bring those forward through life’s uncertain territory.

Because, while I wouldn’t wish this past year on anyone, one thing I do feel the pandemic has offered us is a moment to pause and to reflect on what we want, and what we truly feel. To stop the doing and just getting by, and to really slow down and adjust to a way of living that is much more matched and aligned for us. To have the space to look at our old stories, habits, patterns, and conditions and see if they are aligned with who we are, or supporting our unique expression and nature.

And so as life picks up, and the twists and turns continue with this pandemic, I am up for a different strategy than just “getting back to normal”.

How about instead of just getting back to normal, we meet this moment as a choice point, and a new possibility for meeting ourselves and life now?

To choose a path forward that both supports our own foundational care and essential expression in the world, along with that of our communities and the ways we want to be part of the shifts that have been long overdue on the planet.

Let’s not deny the actual pain of the last year, and let’s take what we’ve experienced and pave a new path forward.

Let’s not sweep all those deeper issues that have arisen under the surface for a rainy day.

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that the time is now, not when a crisis hits.

Let’s build a solid foundation so that you feel held, seen, and trusted within yourself even if your POV or experience is radically different from others. Let’s create a new structure of you honoring your innate guidance and body wisdom.


And so I invite you to consider a few things as you continue to meet your life now and the continued shifts in the collective:

  1. What have you learned about yourself over the past year(esp. Since the pandemic began a little over a year ago)
  2. What are some new awareness and discoveries you’ve uncovered that you want to integrate into your life?
  3. What new practices have been serving you over the past year that you want to continue to apply now, even as life is picking up more and the world is more open?
  4. What do you need to remember and know for yourself (i.e. the higher wisdom here) as you meet life? What do you want to bring with you? What do you want to remember so you don’t just “get back to normal”? (An internal compass that can take you through the ebbs and the flows)
  5. What new possibilities are here for you as you step back into cultivating life in more community oriented ways?
  6. What’s going to make you the most happy as you step into the next 6-12 months of your life?

I invite you to play with these, and then take a few simple action steps to implement them.

A gentle reminder there is no raceYou don’t have to do it all. You can still make space for yourself and rest. If you’re not feeling all cheery and like full speed ahead, honor that.

Remember, in many ways the world has shifted and will continue to so we need a new road map of how to meet life now rather than what it was, and these questions can be a beginning doorway for sourcing that road map from within your Self.

I’d love to hear what’s speaking to you and resonating, feel free to send me an email [melanie@melanieelkin.com] with your thoughts and insights!


P.S. If you’re desiring some extra support as we continue to navigate a new tapestry of life and uncertain times, I have 2 spots remaining in my Essence’tially You 12 month women’s circle group program: Integration. Visibility. Manifestation. This program is an incredibly transformative experience where you’ll have the opportunity to meet you where you are already on your self-discovery path, and to then deepen into your true nature and your Essence’tial Self… to claim your authentic visions, and true nature. To explore and discover more and more what lights you up, and what moves you in life, and to have the guidance to take the inspired actions you wish you implement and bring to life. As women we will go through many cycles and rhythms in our lifetime, and as we take the steps to create a life where we are reunited with our full essential nature, it’s so important to have support, a mentor/guide, and a community that really sees you and gets you as you are deepening your connection to yourself and your visions (body, mind, heart, spirit). If this speaks to you, let’s connect… you send me an email [melanie@melanieelkin.com] and we can set up a time to speak, no strings attached.

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