Hello there sweet soul,

First, I’m feeling really thankful and inspired by all the survey responses I received last week. Thank you again, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Now onto today’s sharing.

In the Northern Hemisphere we have officially entered the season of Autumn with the ringing in of the Autumnal Equinox last week.

The seasons and the rhythms of the year offer us a mirror of our own unique nature.

Your essence’tial expression is not just Spring and Summer, you are also Autumn and Winter.

You are both the yin and yang, the sun and moon, the Earth and Sky.

Each season holds innate gifts that mirror to you your own innate gifts. For example, Spring reminds us of our potential to create and to begin anew, while Autumn reminds us of our capacity to harvest, assess, and let go.

In my experience it is in the remembering of the full range of your inherent cycles and rhythms that allows for you to more fully claim your wholeness, and live with more freedom and acceptance of yourself.

The Autumnal Equinox is the apex of our entry point in the season of Autumn. The equinox means equal day and equal night, and from this point until the Winter Solstice the days will get increasingly shorter and the nights will get longer.

Autumn represents the energy of harvest, and also a time of assessment/reflection/letting go, and preparing for the full release of WinterIt signals to us the importance of slowing down, and the more inward phase of the cycle that supports our full expression. That by design we’re not meant to be going a mile a minute all the time.

The energy of the harvest is here to teach you the importance of celebrating. Celebrating not just when your life is in full bloom or when everything went as planned and rather to celebrate and appreciate your journey and the process.

The energy of assessment and letting go is here to teach you the importance of compassionately assessing what is working well, what didn’t work so well, and what is ready to be carried forth, and what is ready to be released and transformed. While we may fear change, it’s important to assess from non-judgement so we may continue to live present and connected lives.

In support of where you are on your own Essence’tial journey, I want to offer you a few journaling questions to help you integrate the teachings that this season of Autumn offers you:

    1. First, gather a list of celebrations and appreciations. This can be for yourself, your life, for others. Make sure to include some for yourself, as that is often the hardest edge (to really appreciate ourselves). If you hear yourself say “yeah but” give yourself a gentle embrace, and do your best to release those. Sure, there’s always more to play with and give yourself permission to celebrate what is now, not when.
    2. Then, with curiosity, lovingly ask yourself what worked well this past year that you want to carry forth? What didn’t work so well? This is an opportunity without judgement to assess and see what is here for you.

    3. From what you learned that didn’t work so well, what do you need to release in support of where you’re going and what you really want to cultivate moving forward in your life?

    4. Last what is the season of Autumn here to teach you and remember about your own Essence’tial nature? What do you want to remember as you move through this season?

Please feel free to share any insights and learnings that are coming through, I’d love to hear from you, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

For now, may you meet yourself with care and ease as you head into the more internal phase of the year.


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