POWER…. What does that word even mean?

Hi Beautiful!

POWER…. What does that word even mean?

I recently led a retreat on the theme of Owning Your Essence’tial Power, and want to bring you in on the convo too!

In today’s world, I see more and more that power is something we may fear and shy away from because it’s often synonymous with greed and corruption, or with control, manipulation and abuse. And in the face of that, it makes sense that we may have a complicated and avoidant relationship with power…that we may more easily reject the idea of power because of all the baggage that comes with it.

And yet, I feel it’s crucial to deconstruct this misunderstanding, and reclaim our inherent power that lives within us. To re-orient ourselves to a more authentic understanding of power, and see how, especially as women, we’ve been purposely taught to fear our own power by those who are deeply invested in us experiencing ourselves as powerless. This is especially important right now as the noise is really turned up in the world, and I feel we’re being asked to really step into our power as a way of insourcing our own voice, knowing, and inner authority.

Check out this blog post I wrote that dives deeper into reclaiming your power:

You are powerful, dear one.
You are a creator of magnitude.
Your magic is what the world needs right now.

To your unbridled potency,

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