When you’re out of sync with your own rhythm

Hello beautiful soul,

As we head into the holiday season, a time when nature is actually asking us to return to a slower pace, it can be reliable to get out of sync with your own rhythm, and then feel exhausted heading into the new year.

Now I am all for celebrating, and I want to share some thoughts with you today in service of prioritizing your care amidst a possible fuller schedule these next 6 weeks…

We’re often so out of sync with our essential rhythms that it can create burnout, exhaustion, like you’re trying to do 100% of your life on 10% of your energy reserves.

Ways we get out of sync with our own essential rhythms are patterns of perfectionism, trying to be everything for everyone, overly caretaking, overriding clear signals to slow down or not do something, trying to contort our bodies into the latest trend/fad of what we think we should look like, trying to tame our fire and sass, to name a few.

In return, we then get out of sync with our innate flow of energy, movement, and expression.

Over time, we may not even recognize ourselves and just think this is the way life is. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

We get to break the spell.

We get to reclaim our inherent rhythms and realign a life from living as ourselves in sync with our innate instincts, our primal expression, our own knowing.

I recently put a pause on a project I was working on because it wasn’t in sync with my essential timing and rhythm… while it was edgy for me, I am feeling more ease that comes from listening.

While this may sound like a big hill to climb, you can start right now by…

  • Identifying one way you feel out of sync with yourself – esp. as you head into the holiday season.
  • Just by identifying this, you’re already on the way to changing it, and getting back into your innate rhythm and flow.
  • Then from there you, what’s one simple, easy step you could take to shift you home to your natural pacing and rhythm?

So, for example, it could be you notice you’ve been holding your breath as you’re doing your daily tasks. Notice. And then the shift you could make is to take deeper breaths throughout the day and be more aware of your breathing.

I’d love to hear how this speaks to you… it’s so important we take space to listen, and you are worthy of your care and love .

Wishing you a lovely week ahead,

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