Time to interrupt the rinse and repeat cycle.

I know I’ve been communicating with you a little more this past week. My intention isn’t to spam you, but to make sure you saw my latest announcement, as I know we are inundated with so much these days.

I feel it’s time to shift from burnout to restoration.
On a soul level.

In my experience, so many of us are feeling a stirring of something new and know deep down that some ways of being are outdated.
But where do we start when it feels like swimming upstream?

I feel we have to pause… to get our footing and build a new foundation.

It’s time to connect, reorient to our home vibration, so we can sense and trust what is true and real for us now and not get swept up in the daily tasks, other people’s voices and opinions, and the overwhelm that so many of us are experiencing.

Which is why I felt inspired to create a space for us to gather in just a few weeks’ time, all in support of establishing and/or reestablishing a daily rhythm with yourself that is steeped in soul nourishment.

My intention is that this isn’t just another thing to sign up for, and rather something to support you in creating a meaningful experience of caring for yourself moment to moment as you’re navigating life’s changes.

And so I’d love for you to join me for my Soul Nourishment Retreat on May 21st from 9:30 – 1:30 PM PST, where we’ll gather for 4 spacious hours virtually.

Main Pillars of the Retreat:

  1. Interrupt the Insanity. Take a moment to interrupt the insanity of life’s high volume and autopilot of everyday life and reflect on where you’re orienting from. Where you’re oriented has a big impact on the choices you make and the ways you take action in your life. It’s the shift from burnout to replenishment. Over-committing > to being clear about what you’re actually available for. Moving from fear to choice/impact. Shifting from martyrdom or thinking it’s selfish to take care of you, to knowing it’s not just a nicety but a necessity to take care of your health and wellbeing so you can show up as yourself, and care for others in the ways you want.
  2. Embody Soul Nourishment. To embody soul nourishment is to plug back into your own knowing and reset your body/nervous system. Slowing down practices, easing the adrenaline, returning back to your own body and body awareness. Embodiment is everything. It helps you come back to your own knowing and to make choices from a soul nourishing place rather than a reactive swirl. To slow down and just be. There will be rituals and practices in order to interrupt the doing so you can really return to a softer place of knowing.
  3. Be received, and connect in community/sisterhood. We need this right now. The world is so divisive and it can feel lonely, but this is the path home. To be with others, to be seen, to be in the feminine wisdom.
  4. Visualize and create. From this deep and aligned place, create a personalized soul nourishment practice you can take with you throughout your weeks and months to come. Something that will continue to return you home to live from the orientation of soul nourishment.

Soul Nourishment” is a state of being that isn’t just a placebo or a fleeting moment, but something so deeply saturated in your being that even through the toughest of times when you can’t see clearly, you’re still there for you and with you.

This is the kind of nourishment I feel we need to turn the ship around.
The kind of nourishment that brings you back home to your own knowing, voice, courage, and capacity to make the changes you want in your life from clarity.

To make this shift, I feel we have to do something different.

Just reacting to the burnout and dissatisfaction from an old mode of “whip yourself into shape” or “get it together” isn’t going to work long-term. It’s not sustainable because it’s still coming from a limiting structure. One where there’s an idea of fixing and limiting. I feel we can’t keep doing it the way we’ve always done it.

>>>Click here to learn more and reserve your spot>>>

With love and nourishment,

P.S. If you’re feeling it, I encourage you to enroll now. I am capping it at 20 women to keep it a more intimate gathering, and I want to ensure you reserve a space for yourself now so you can really take this time for yourself and make sure you have a spot. This isn’t to create lack or urgency and rather a call to your soul to take a stand for yourself and nourishment :).

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