When life feels overwhelming and you’re not sure where to go next

Hello lovely,

Before you skip past this post…

You might find yourself in a place right now where the idea of one more thing feels overwhelming. I get that.

Yet, I have also learned that when we don’t create the space for ourselves to really sincerely sit and be with ourselves and reestablish a meaningful relationship with our own true nature, it often catches up with us in different ways like illness, injury, anger coming out sideways, being critical of ourselves… so many ways that energy misfires when we don’t create what we need to deeply nourish ourselves. Not as a punishment, and rather as an invitation to feel, connect, and be with ourselves in a different way.

And so coming up on May 21st I’ve created a no frills ‘come as you’ are retreat called The Soul Nourishment Retreat.

This retreat is an opportunity to feel received and seen so you can begin to let yourself soften, start to relax that vigilance, and to come into a new/deepened way of being with yourself that holds you through the ebbs and flows.

So that as life continues to feel like tumultuous waves, because it might, we are going through so much right now as a collective, you’ll feel more resourced from within to handle it.

Soul Nourishment is the shift from tuning out, bypassing your needs, to really listening to what you need…It’s a second-by-second, moment-by-moment response to life.

It’s the shift to saying, “No more, I will not buy into this busy structure. I deserve space.”
It’s the shift into knowing what is a yes and knowing what is a no.
It’s the shift into learning how to not buy into the old stories we’ve been taught about what worth and value are.
It’s the shift to feeling more energy and vitality again.
It’s about listening… honoring that deep call to listen.

During our 4 spacious hours together, I’ll support you in reclaiming a new or deepened & embodied potential of what soul nourishment could be for you…one that isn’t fleeting but something you practice and live from. You’ll have the opportunity to not only restore, reset, and build a new foundation for your life that is stepped in soul nourishment, but also I will be taking you through different practices that will allow you to begin to take a literal and metaphorical exhale.  You’ll leave with the possibility of a new base-line for yourself.

Now, you may just delete this, and think, “this sounds great and all, but really?”

Which, if that’s you, I love you too. I totally get it.

Yet, if this is resonating in any way shape or form, I invite you to honor yourself.
To claim four hours of space just for you, to tend to your own inner well.
To allow yourself to come to a deepened connection with who you really are.

Because in return you’ll have the opportunity to open a doorway to the possibility of feeling much more resourced, and more aliveness and energy to be able to make the choices you want to make in your life, and the potential to be able to feel like you can handle the storms and highs of life in a different way.

>>Click here to join me for the Soul Nourishment half-day retreat<< on May 21st from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PDT

I’d love to have you join us for this intimate gathering. I am capping it at 20 women to keep it more intimate so if you’re feeling it I’d recommend reserving your spot this week so you really carve out this space and time for yourself now before life moves quickly.

With care,

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