For coaches, yoga/movement facilitators, teachers, therapists, healing arts practitioners, and leaders in any field

Starts May 2020 – December 2020

Whether it’s yoga, life coaching, teaching, healing, or being CEO of your company, you have cultivated the skills of your trade, yet… 

You know there has to be another way… there is! and that way is embracing all of YOU.

I’m here to tell you that you can be you. 

You don’t have to be anything else-because the you that is you is inside you at this very moment. 

You can unlock all of who you are to do your best work in the world, while also making incredible impact in the lives of those you’re serving. 

You can feel a confidence, and self-assuredness in who you are, in what you are bringing, and that is what will ultimately allow you to grow your movement, your practice, your leadership, in the most authentic and effective way possible.

The Essence-tially You Leadership Training is about unlocking your full essential self and bringing all of you into your Work…

It’s about learning how to work with the powerful cycles and rhythm in your own body as well as seasonally. 

It is about claiming your value and learning how to embody and tend to your own internal container and soul care – even while supporting others. 

Rather than consuming more info on “how to be a good XYZ,” it is about claiming your gifts and learning how to move through the fears that get in the way of you sharing and shining. 

It’s about realizing that how much you’re allowing yourself to be You matters just as much as your skill set. 

This training will also inform you of how to create powerful containers and workshops and circles where women feel safe and seen. You will learn different activities, practices, and skills that support you and the depth of your work. You will learn how to work with your own body, breath, and energy in support of you and your clients.

Since working with Melanie, I left a toxic job, started my own business in my field of fashion design, and got married. My relationship to money, myself, and how I express myself to the outside world has completely shifted.

I can’t even put into words the value of investing this time and money into myself. I’m living now from the inside out, in a way that feels authentic and nourishing to me. I move through my life with compassion for others in each moment, and a love for myself that I never knew possible. Each day I get to do what I love, and for that I am so grateful.

Melanie has been pivotal in my growth. She meets me in each moment wherever I am, and holds space to help me navigate whatever is coming up. Her style is different, in that she asks questions in a way that I can connect with myself and find the truth of what I feel. She is fun, deeply compassionate, hilarious and loving.

Hannah Childs

When you Live as an Essence’tially You Leader, so much is possible:

You’ll go on a Journey through 3 powerful areas of focus:


In this module we’ll begin at your Root. Because when you feel connected and steady in your foundation and core self, everything else can prosper and thrive. From shifting your own root fears, to deeply managing your own energy and resources, you’ll receive the foundational tools for creating transformational leadership – without abandoning yourself in the process. We’ll explore and support you in feeling steady, connected, grounded, and confident in bringing and being your Full Self.


In this module we’ll build on the skills you learned in our Root Section, as you now move into working with your own true nature more deeply and inherent Rhythm. When you are in rhythm with yourself and the larger energies at play (the seasons, cycles of the moon, nature) especially in your work you feel more aligned, connected, and able to make impact in a way that supports your thriving and natural ebbs and flows. You embrace our full creative range. 

This is the shift from the idea that you always have to “be on” which often leads to burnout.


First, you’ve rooted, then you’ve rhythmed, and now this last module in our training is the Rise. Your rise into fully embodying and being who you are. Allowing your full self to be claimed and rise into the leadership you know in your heart you’re meant to share with the world. From deepening your intuition to building collaborative, meaningful connections amongst your community, you’ll fully embrace the confidence and courage to break out of the mold and put your true self into your work and into the world.

Melanie’s work has helped me create a foundation of self-care, trust in my inner wisdom, and authenticity in my life that helps me to keep walking in a direction that feels best to me.

When I began working with Melanie, I had a deep hunger for connection with like-minded women who I could feel safe with and talk with about things that weren’t just surface level. I now have that in such a powerful way that I often find it hard to put into words. After every session or retreat, I always feel in some kind of greater flow of life. I leave her presence feeling more aligned with my essential self, as if the fog suddenly clears. I find so much value in the work we do together, as it has allowed me to explore more profound areas of myself and connection with others and the world. I love the utter magic of Melanie and her work, which always feels safe, friendly, fun, and sweet as can be. She is like a tether to the light that allows us as individual women and a sisterhood to go deeper into the dark parts that feel too big to go into alone. It has been a live-changing journey that I feel so grateful to have been apart of.

Katelyn Boisen

Here’s What’s Included:

If you feel lit up reading this, I invite you to step into this experience (even if you feel nervous or scared).

Schedule a No-Strings attached Call to learn more

On this call together we’ll explore your current expression of Leadership, and vision together on what it is you’re ready to expand and step more deeply into inside yourself.

I’ll also share cost, timing, dates, and more of the logistics.

Melanie created a container in which I felt safe and supported and this allowed me to unwind fears and perfectionistic tendencies. With her gentle guidance and the support of a community of women, I began to dream about the future again.

My everyday life has changed in subtle, but profound ways. There are tangible changes, like prioritizing the things that are most nourishing to me, and there are less obvious things, like subtle shifts to honor my own pace and rhythm. There was a lifting of the “mental fog” and anxiety that had become an accepted part of my existence prior to working with Me. Most importantly, I’ve started to like myself again, and —as my self-trust increased I noticed a visceral relaxation; I have started to trust myself, and life in general, so much more.

I have nicknamed Melanie a “life doula.” Her support and understanding create a sort of playground for exploration and revelation. She is knowledgeable and shares skills and strategies, but even more she is a coach and a cheerleader, she is a fellow traveler who is willing to share her maps and missteps to ease the burden of your own journey. She has the strength and wisdom to hold space for all of you, even the rejected, painful, or forgotten parts. She will sit with you in your grief and help you breathe your way back to yourself.

Vanessa Rabatin

It’s normal to ask: Can I really make it in my visions of leadership by being myself

It’s normal to worry about what others might think if you step more fully into your truth and share your true expression

It’s normal to keep doing what feels safe – even if it makes you feel confined, restricted, or suffocated

But if you’re here, I’m guessing you’re not the norm

You are here to make a difference. To stand out. To feel free. To use your unique expression as a change agent for your community

You feel deep inside you have a message to share, and desire to make an impact on our planet and in the lives of people you want to guide

And you don’t want to be kept awake at night any longer with the nagging feeling of holding back your brilliance or second guessing yourself.

Let’s connect

My experience of working with Mel is overwhelmingly expansive. I didn’t know the magic of what I was saying yes to…

I think that was part of the magic of saying yes was you never know what is going to come up that needs to be held and seen in community… and to be seen, held in community and supported was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget and I am forever changed. Melanie holds an incredible container and space, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and a more prolific opportunity for me to step into who I am.

Ashley Kelly Brown


Is this program for seasoned practitioners? Will I really be learning anything new here?

In short, YES! This training will be an opportunity to more deeply embody and foster a connection to your Self in your leadership. You’ll be able to build on and deepen your skills as an embodied and essence-tially you leader, and also continue to deepen into your relationship with your full self. And I imagine you’ll also get to learn new practices to expand your “tool” box.  I’ve been coaching for nearly a decade and while I hold an amazing amount of mastery, being a student and lifelong learner supports me in deepening and refining my skills, and relationship to myself.

Is this program for newbies too? Do I need to have a business or be an entrepreneur already to partake? What if I am just starting out?

Yes! Whether you’ve been working in your trade for years or are just peeking into what’s possible, this training is for you. You will learn and build a foundation for yourself to live, breathe, and express from as the embodied leader you desire to be that will support whatever work you desire to create and make impact within the world. You build a confidence inside yourself that will support you in taking the next steps you so deeply desire with your leadership.

And you don’t need to be building a business as you’re taking the training, and even if you choose not to start a business after, you’ll still get invaluable tools of how to live and lead your life as your fully expressed unique self that will carry forth into everything you do.

Is this program a business building training? Will I learn how to market, sell, and create a business plan?

In short no. The intention and purpose of this training is to support you in the invaluable skill and practice of bringing your full Self into your leadership. How we show up in our leadership matters just as much as the skill we bring, and marketing we share. This program will support you in moving through blocks, barriers, and fears that get in the way of you sharing your work with the world. It will give you the infrastructure inside your Self so that when you do sell, market, and create a business plan you’re doing so from an authentic, confident, and embodied space.

That being said I will be offering tips, ideas, and resources from time to time along the way that may give you inspiration as you share your work with others and craft your offerings and marketing.

I barely even take 5 minutes for myself these days, and you want me to dedicate 8 months to myself? Is that even possible?

I receive this question a lot, and I get it. As women we are conditioned in many ways to think that it’s selfish to take 5 minutes – let alone 8 months – to prioritize the attention we give to ourselves.

But the truth is that our leadership, our well-being, and our vitality depends on our willingness to take time and space for ourselves to grow, learn, and nourish our self-expression. It serves us, our families, our work, our relationships, and so much more. We need to regularly step out of our lives to gain perspective and be able to see through fresh eyes which is why I’ve designed the trainings in more of a retreat style of learning.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. This program will support you in filling up your cup, and in return my sense is you will become more efficient with your leadership. I’ve seen time and time again women opening up space and time freedom by investing in themselves in this way.

This 8-month program sounds Ah-mazing... it must cost a fortune! I’m worried I won’t be able to afford it (and if I can, I’ll probably feel guilty investing in myself).

I so get the money question and how real it can feel. It’s totally normal to wonder about that.

What I have seen time and time again with clients who have been on the fence about the financial commitment, is that once they actually make the commitment, so much more abundance opens up in ways they didn’t even know was possible… the money was always there as they trusted in this commitment to themselves.

Choosing to invest in yourself in this particular way has a HUGE positive return on your aliveness, well- being, overall health, and I feel will support you and your work.

What if I don’t know anyone? I feel scared I won’t belong or fit in. What if everyone knows each other and I feel left out?

This is also one of the most frequently asked questions and biggest fears from the women I serve when I lead programs and circles.

I don’t want to invalidate this very real fear for you if it’s coming up, and here’s what I can share about my intention and commitment to you and the other women who choose to step into this training:

From the moment we begin our sacred journey together my intention is to create a really safe and sacred space for you to be yourself, bring all parts of you to the room, and create a space of authenticity and sisterhood. While I can’t guarantee that these feelings won’t show up for you, my intention is to create a context of collaboration, sharing, inclusion, and safety. Time and time again the women who choose to say yes to themselves and join my programs share with me how grateful they are for the space & community I create where they feel safe, seen, and like they belong in ways they hadn’t experienced much in the past.

Here’s a thought about this from one of the women who has attended my retreats: “After attending Melanie’s event, I knew that I had found my tribe: Melanie was speaking my language.” -Genna

My life is super full, how much work and connection will there be in between the trainings?

The work we’ll do at the training’s themselves will be so deeply impactful and meaningful. We’ll create a really tight-knit community of sisterhood when we’re together. Then in between the training’s and Q&A calls there will be space to integrate and allow things to digest. For this particular training It’s not needed to be connected in 24/7 as the work we’ll do in each retreat will have such important ripple effects that you’ll have space to let it all land. I also know that life is full, and I don’t want this training to be another overwhelming thing for you-I want it to feel supportive and there will definitely be a sisterhood component, and I want it to also feel spacious for you.

Can I just attend one training?

No. This training is designed with the purpose of it being a complete 8-month journey. One module weaving into the next, and a container of holding through our 8 months together via our Q&A calls, Facebook group, and light assignments. This is all to support your greater visions and intentions for your leadership.

I have been able to access my feelings and work through blocks in a way that has been quite interesting and effective.

Taking time for myself has been the greatest value of working with Melanie. Her techniques are unique and body-centered in a way that is new to me. With that, she has a set of tools in which she helps her clients that are fully integrated in ways that you know that she believes in her work and is an expert.

Melanie’s presence is divine and so supportive! She is there for you in all ways, and you know that she is on your side. Melanie’s “unconditional love,” is felt when working with her, and can be so healing. I highly recommend Melanie to those who want to dig deep, in a supportive environment, where you know you will be caught if you slip or fall.

Kimberly Nenemay