Radical Beauty


Are you ready to re-define your experience of beauty?

In the essential CORE of you, there is a part of you that knows that BEING and FEELING beautiful is so much more than what YOU look like, what size you are, how much you weigh, or what clothes you wear.

WE SEE that YOU are a powerful and unique expression of Beauty.

From our own experience we also get that there are voices that can tell you otherwise, such as ‘you’re not good enough yet’, ‘nope, not perfect’, or perhaps the one who compares you to others and nearly always finds you lacking.

While these characters are ALL loveable, they can create experiences that direct you away from feeling easeful, playful, and free when it comes to your relationship with your body and your Whole self.

These are some of the ways people disguise their true beauty…

  • Approaching how you decide to move your body from a place of fixing, perfecting, or always needing improvement
  • Directing your attention away from the rich value of the present moment
  • Moving away from listening to your own intuitive wisdom on how to nourish yourself
  • A feeling of pushing, forcing, or struggling when it comes to the action you take around your conversation of beauty

Audrey is amazingly gifted. Her intuition, energetic sensing, and passion for wholeness is exquisitely balanced with her wisdom, curiosity, and loving presence.

Butterfly On Orange Flower In The GardenSo here is the cool thing, what if we told you that NO matter what your current conversation is when it comes to your beauty, there is NOTHING wrong with you; aka. NOTHING TO FIX?

What about the revolutionary possibility that shifting your relationship when it comes to your beauty can result in maximal fun, freedom, and feeling more ease when it comes to your expression of YOUR GORGEOUS SELF?

This is exactly why we designed Radical Beauty!

Get ready for an exclusive day long mini-retreat experience designed to nourish, inspire, and refresh YOU! During our time together you will get to tap into and turn up the volume on what beauty is for you.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Empower and revitalize yourself with yoga, breath-play, and Foundation Training
  • Explore and unwind your limiting beliefs about beauty
  • Design your personal vision for living full out
  • Discover yourself as your own first-class ally

Melanie is a true gem. She is wise, intuitive, sensitive and forthright.

Saturday, December 10th, 2016
9:30 am-5:30 pm, with a spacious break for lunch

Carpinteria Women’s Club
1059 Vallecito Rd
Carpinteria, CA 93013

The day will be a delicious mini retreat like experience devoted to YOU!
To sign up click on the register here button below, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Price for the day: $149

For additional information, contact Brenda at clientcareformelanie@gmail.com

Meet your Facilitators:

The day will be co-taught by the fabulous Audrey Hazekamp and Melanie Elkin.

Audrey Hazekamp, M.A.
Integrative Coach and Game Changer

Melanie Elkin
Founder and CEO of Yoga’licious


Give yourself the gift of discovering your genuine beauty!