In the energies of the Fall, and natures natural descent into the waning months of the year, come sit in sacred space with a small group of women, in person in SB, to nurture a connection with yourself, and align with the seasons of the year.

As women we are very closely connected to the seasons of nature. We all go through ebbs and flows in life, just as nature and the Earth does through her seasons of the year.

At any given time you are going through your own expression of the seasons. Sometimes you’re in a phase in life where you’re feeling more open, expansive, and new seeds of expression and ideas, and sometimes you’re feeling more internal, going through a major life transition or grief/loss, and/or needing to be in more silence and reflection


Wherever you find yourself at this time, in the season of life you’re in, it’s so valuable to be connected and supported by the energies of the Earth and her cycles. To allow the cycles to nurture and support you in where you are currently in your life and what you desire to live, express, nurture, and create.  To allow the cycles to remind you of your inherent nature, and the full range of expression that you are.

We are not designed to go full speed ahead all the time, and unfortunately we live in a society that doesn’t often honor these ebbs and flows of energy and creation, much less teach us how to embody the full range of these energies within ourselves.

Together, on this Fall evening, we’ll come together in person in Santa Barbara for a small gathering and special evening of connection, sisterhood, and nourishment.

Friday, September 30th 2022, in-person at a private location in Santa Barbara.

Our journey together will include…

⭐We will sit together in the energies of Fall and what she’s here to teach us. You will have space to reflect on this year so far and both harvest/celebrate, and take stock of what is ready to be released and renewed… all held and supported by the more waning energies of the year.

⭐ You’ll learn more about the importance of the energies of Fall and Winter (the waning cycles of the year), and how to incorporate a personal practice(s) that more deeply matches these energies within and around you, along with supporting you in where you currently are in your life path and creations right now. You’ll get to receive inspiration and support to create a Fall Rhythm of Practices that supports you at your foundation, brings you into the center of your life, aligns you with nourishment, and connects you with the sacred in your life.

You’ll also be guided through some accessible embodiment practices to bring all this into your body and cells so you are not just getting it in your head, but also being able to feel and connect to what you’re creating and expanding into in your body so it’s a deeper connection for you. This will look like some gentle movement (that can look like yoga and just overall moving your body in a way that brings you into connection with yourself), breathing intentionally, and possibly some sound mantra expression.

Lastly, you’ll get to create some seeds of intention and a harvests jar to take with you to carry you into the months of Fall and Winter to help you embody these darker months of the year in a way that supports you.

And you’ll do this in sisterhood. In a circle of women where all of you is welcome. Where you can be yourself. Where you get to come as you are, and be held in the space.

Cost: $65
(which includes the full experience, along with the supplies for making harvest-jars)


Sign up for the wait list to be notified about the next gathering.

I’ve been leading women’s circles now for nearly a decade, and I have led 100’s of women through these sacred journeys home to themselves in the space of sisterhood. There’s something deeply powerful and profound when women gather in the name of coming together for a shared purpose of reclaiming your essential self, and where you get to truly be yourself and relax into your being while being seen and loved and championed by other resonant souls. We’ve also been so isolated in many ways these past few years, and if there’s one thing I learned being in Costa Rica for a month, this past August is that we need to be together, to sit in community, to remember our humanity and soul connection together, to not be so separated.

This circle is no frills. Just come as you are. We’ll gather in a private location in Santa Barbara (address given upon sign up), and we’ll breathe together, laugh together, expand together, possibly cry together, and just simply BE together.

In a world that asks us to do so many things it’s so immensely healing to be held in a space where you get to just BE, and practice what that feels like to relax into your being, soften, and more deeply root into your embodied knowing.

Due to the nature of wanting to keep it smaller and more of an intimate circle, there are only 10 spaces available, so if you’re feeling called to come, I invite you to reserve your spot NOW as I imagine we will fill up.

It’s $65 for the evening together, and this includes the journey you will be guided on along with the supplies for the harvest jars you’ll create and take home with you to have throughout the upcoming months as a guidepost. Reservations are non-refundable, yet if you happen to have a last-minute emergency or illness, you will be able to transfer your ticket to a later offering, or gift it to someone else.

Also, there’s an optional potluck after the held space gathering. If you’d like to join, just email us to let us know so we can see how many people will stay for dinner.

“Through my experience working with Melanie, I learned to deeply care for myself, beyond facials, tea, and yoga – the things I usually associated with self-care, and I began to really listen to my own inner tugging and trust my inner knowing.  There were so many unexpected gifts of this unique and supportive container, including healing primary relationships and expanding my sense of worthiness and belonging.”

Vanessa Rabatin

I feel our souls are hungry for more beingness, to learn the art of aligning more with our unique nature, and doing so in a community where you can let yourself just be and be seen.

The intention of our time together is to support you in creating a space within yourself where you feel:

A shift from stagnancy to more aliveness and natural flow of energy in your self and your life

More trusting of yourself, and the cycles of life

A sense of walking taller in your life, and more assured of your Self and your life path even during the times of massive uncertainty

Lighter, freer to be you, and more connected to your body

More open to yourself, to life, and to others, which can absolutely positively affect your relationships, your work life, and the magic that’s available to you

More attuned with yourself, your knowing, your intuition, and your innate body wisdom, which leads to making choices that aligns with where you actually want to be giving your energy.

“I think that was part of the magic of saying yes was you never know what is going to come up that needs to be held and seen in community… and to be seen, held in community and supported was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget and I am forever changed. Melanie holds an incredible container and space, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and a more prolific opportunity for me to step into who I am.”

Ashley Kelly Brown

What to Expect from Working with Me, Melanie

I’ve been leading women through this transformative work for over a decade, and I’ve had the honor of serving hundreds of women. It’s such a passion of mine, and I feel honored to get to guide a woman home to her true nature, and claim a life that is her birthright.

My approach is holistic in nature, as I believe we are not linear beings, and so to heal and evolve in my experience is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I integrate many different types of support and learning that include body-centered coaching to help you return to the wisdom within your body and release old stuck patterns while also creating new potentials. Embodiment through meditation/yoga/breath work/authentic movement, ritual and female embodiment practices. Different practices to work through fears and blocks, as well as practices to help you realign with your true nature and cultivate a loving and trusting relationship with yourself. I’ve gotten to support hundreds of women over the years and see so many women transform and embody their true nature so much more.

Personally, I’ve been in the arena myself of transformation for over two decades. And like so many of us this pandemic has offered another big embodied transformation for me, and this past year has been some of the most transformative in a long time. I ended something really big in my life and the fall-out was huge. If it wasn’t for my connection to these practices and deeper connection to my soul, I feel I wouldn’t have been able to have navigated it the way I have and continue to ride the waves and restructure a deeper newer foundation, and I’d love to support you in your own expression of soul nourishment. It’s time.

How do we stay open and soften to ourselves when the world, in all its tragedies, is asking us to harden and turn away from ourselves?

This is the real practice, and I’d love to be your guide.

So we’re on the same page…

This is for you if:

You’re wanting to align more with yourself and feel a deeper connection with all aspects of you (body, heart, mind, spirit)

You want to be part of a circle of women where you can relax into your being, come as you are, and be lovingly held

You want a space where you can express freely, and be met in your full expression

You’re wanting to embody more deeply your unique nature and wanting to shift from the overdoing, pushing, forcing, into more allowance, softening, and being in your life

You want to reclaim your life for you, and take aligned action from a kinder, gentler space with yourself.

You want to learn how to more deeply align with the seasons of the year as a macrocosm and teacher for more deeply aligning with the seasons of your life, so that you when you are going through more of an ebb you feel more equipped and know how to more intimately hold yourself through the highs and the lows of life.

You are open, and available to new possibilities in your life

You may feel scared and resistant (so so normal!!!) and you’re willing to meet those fears and create new possibilities for yourself.

You want to learn how to be easier and more gentle with yourself, and be more in the flow of life

This is not for you if you’re:

Just looking for a quick fix, magic pill, or formula for “success” and improvement

If you’re not interested in growing past your limitations

If you’re more interested in complaining, gossiping, and staying stuck rather than exploring new possibilities for yourself

If you’re not interested in spiritual practices or ways to more deeply connect to nature, the divine, and your own intuition

You’re looking to blame someone else for what’s not working in your life, rather than taking personal responsibility (from a gentle, loving, and non judgemental space) and get curious about what else is possible.

You’re only looking to process and complain, rather than express, acknowledge, face, feel, and then willing to take action in a gentle way for creating the expression you want in life.


I look forward to the possibility of being with you for this magical evening.