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Melanie Elkin

Creator & Founder of Yoga’licious and the Expressed Woman

Your full expression-body, mind, voice-thrives when you choose to make your self-care a priority. Above all else, the tried-and-true practice I begin my clients with is creating a sacred foundation, specifically through a morning practice. I’ve seen it work time and time again as an anchor and a framework to support all the new discoveries and exploration you are opening up to around uniquely expressing yourself in all forms. I hope you enjoy this free step-by-step guidebook to creating your own customized morning practice!

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Ashley Kelly

Pure Luna – Women’s Apothecary
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Erika Bellitt

All attendees of the “Expressed Woman” event receive a Blissful Babe discount if they use my services after the event.

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Janet Reineck

FREE World Dance classes for one month!
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Lauren Bragg

“The Passion Finder Workbook”
A 12 page ebook that will tap you into your deepest passions so you can live your happiest life.

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Lisa Citore

Tatnra Date Nite
Guided 2 hour Tantra ceremony for lovers including 13 sacred sexuality practices accompanied to music [$69 value].

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Sloane Reali

Free Audio Tutorial
The breath is the foundation of everything you do with your voice. Breath can help you control your emotions, modulate your tone of voice, and keep your mind sharp and focused.

  • In this 12-minute lesson, you’ll learn how to:
  • Harness your vocal power
  • Control your breath
  • Relax and center your body

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