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Melanie Elkin

Creator & Founder of Yoga’licious and the Expressed Woman

12 Days of Yoga’licious: Nourishing Your Self-Expression, a free resource to deepen your self-expression journey.

Your full expression-body, mind, voice, energy-thrives when you choose to nourish your self-expression through simple daily actions. Nourishing your self-expression is a key in your journey of health, happiness and wellbeing.

In this resource I will guide you on a 12 day journey, with easy to follow, and time efficient, prompts, so you can take a stand for you and nourish your unique self-expression. Many of these are tried-and-true practices I lead my clients through when it comes to creating a sacred foundation. I’ve also seen these practices work time and time again as an anchor and a framework to support all the new discoveries and exploration you are opening up to around uniquely expressing yourself in all forms. I hope you enjoy this free 12 Day Journey Resource!

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Ashley (Ashe) Kelly-Brown

Pure Luna – Women’s Apothecary

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Kris González

“Embodied Menstruation” Guide Book

Use this guide to further understand your inner seasons, learn the best practices and to harness the magic of each menstrual cycle phase.

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Nicole Morgan

Long Distant Reiki Healing

Instead of being in the presence of Nicole, she will remotely sending Reiki healing from her home to yours.

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