For too long, women have been told “be quiet,” “calm down,” and “be appropriate.” For generations, we have stifled our expression to “fit” in and be agreeable. And in many instances, we’ve also done it to keep ourselves safe.

We’re inundated with messaging around the “right” way to be a woman, and truth be told, it’s easy to get lost in all that…to let others’ opinions and beliefs dictate how we show up, even if we don’t know we’re doing it. To give our power away and feel disconnected from our own knowing and what nourishes us, simply by losing track of who we really are and what we truly desire for our lives.

When it comes to giving our power away, TIME’S UP! 

It’s time to uncover your essential expression and your own unique way of moving, speaking, and being you!

We are at a pivotal time in history, as we can see this in the #metoo movement, #blacklivesmatter, #timesup, and March for our lives just to name a few.  Now more than ever our world needs your unique expression! (& you need your unique expression too!). This is a totally free event designed to support you in identifying, embracing, nurturing, and unleashing your expression into the world.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”
– Martha Graham

  • Worried about what other people think so much that you decided not to act?
  • Agreed or gone along with things that don’t feel good because it feels easier than speaking up?
  • Been fearful of being seen as a bitch for voicing your thoughts and opinions?
  • Experienced an immense amount of shame about your body and your experiences in your body over your lifespan?
  • Dismissed your natural need for silence and stillness because you believed that it wasn’t productive or “expressive” enough
  • Kept yourself small with addictive behavior–overindulging in food, alcohol, netflix, whatever?
  • Deprived yourself of essential nourishment–healthy food, time with loved ones, self-care–because you feel you don’t deserve it?
  • Fallen into the trap of people pleasing and deprioritized your own wants and needs?
  • Become paralyzed with anxiety as you consider what it means to be a “good” mom, a “good” woman, a “good” daughter, etc?

These are all ways we hide…covering up our true expression!

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Maybe you’re not even sure at this point what “your unique expression” is, and if that’s how you’re feeling, it’s okay. I want you to know you aren’t alone.

It can be scary to tap into our deepest desires and express our most essential selves, especially when we’ve been taught–both consciously and subconsciously–to suppress the truth of our feelings and experience.

Most of us have spent most of our lives being programmed to shut down the part of ourselves that’s based in our most essential truth. In some instances, we’ve become so distant from that truest part of ourselves that can feel like we’re zombies… sleepwalking through life and wondering why, no matter what we do, it always feels like there’s something missing.

Maybe you do have some inkling of what your essential expression looks like and feels like, and looking to deepen into your next level of authenticity and vulnerability inside a sacred container.

Regardless of if you are a masterful expresser or someone who’s just getting started, The Expressed Woman event is a safe and sacred space for you to begin to experience and explore more of who you really are.

I designed this event because I want you to experience and explore the many forms of your expression. I am confident that even if you don’t utter a single word the whole day, you will walk away feeling more empowered in all parts of your expression.

When you live your life expressing yourself fully in body, mind, and spirit, there is a freedom you experience in every fiber of your being that brings your life into technicolor focus.


  • waking up each day and unapologetically expressing your thoughts, beliefs, and inspired ideas without hesitation or second guessing
  • vibrating in every cell of your body from the aliveness that comes when you are in the free flow of your expression
  • walking through your day connected to the Earth (grounded and light in your being), and feeling self-assured and open as you meet your life experiences.
  • your favorite song coming on the radio and singing and dancing ALL out, uninhibited-even if it’s out in public
  • being present to inspiration as it arrives, taking immediate and aligned action as you feel called, and allowing the full expression of that inspiration to emerge through you
  • being so tuned in to your inner voice and deepest knowing that you are able to live from the present…naturally creating connections wherever you go and magnetizing everything you need with ease and grace
  • feeling confident in your decisions and moving forward courageously
  • feeling relaxed, at ease, and comfortable in your own skin

Imagine ALL the creative possibilities that would emerge for you in your personal life, relationship with yourself, romantic partnerships, and your work life if you were to choose to live as the fully expressed and delicious woman you already are.

The truth is: When we block the flow of our expression it is like kinking a hose, leading you to feel tight, constricted and generally unwell. Everything from your work life to your personal life is impacted when you are cut off from the flow of your expression.

I’m not here to tell you what to do as YOU already have the answers inside. During our time together at the Expressed women you will have the space to be seen, supported and loved as you embrace your creative expression for our world.

This event is about taking a stand for you, and redefining from the inside out what expression is for you (and the ever evolving expression of expression).

It’s time to step out of the addiction of apologizing for your essential expression and step into your own power and the way expression uniquely moves through you.

The Expressed Woman is a sacred mini retreat in beautiful Santa Barbara. It is a pathway back home to yourself and your essential expression

claim your FREE ticket for this powerful event

Who This Event is For

This event is for the woman who:

  • feels deeply inside she is ready to expand more deeply into her own unique expression, independent of the good or bad opinion of others
  • wants to come into her voice even more
  • is beginning to find her voice and wants support in expressing it
  • radically knows she is meant to share all of who she is
  • wants to feel a freedom inside of herself; shifting from squelching to allowing whatever is moving through her
  • wants to feel connected to the natural rhythms and cycles rather than feeling like she has to be a robot and on all the time; no more denying the natural fluctuations of her energy, body, mind.
  • wants to learn how to put words behind the raw and real expression that is emerging
  • craves being in the flow with her own authenticity

“Before working with Melanie I had been searching for support and for like- minded souls. After attending Melanie’s free event, I knew that I had found my tribe: Melanie was speaking my language. This journey has completely changed my life, I feel stronger, more connected to my truth, supported in this life, and more intuitive. Melanie is a safe space, she sees you, and welcomes you home.”

Genna Romero

What to Expect

Get ready for a day of embodied learning and exploring, as well as restoration and relaxation, AND sisterhood!

Your Host, Melanie Elkin creator of The Expressed Woman and Founder of Yoga’licious.

As women we are being called to wake up, rise up, and break free from the ways we have hidden who we really are. It’s my absolute passion to guide you towards rediscovering a relationship with your essential self, deeply appreciating your body, and playfully learning to listen to your intuition. I do all of this through a range of modalities: yoga, self care, mentoring, and other tried-and-true practices, all of which bring you into connection with your sacred self.

I’m not into quick fixes or scripted exercise and yoga routines, which in my opinion, are outdated models that limit you from the unique language of your body.

I believe that opening to your body’s natural wisdom is the missing piece of the equation we’ve all been waiting for.

I believe – and have built my work around this belief – that it’s time for a new collaborative, feminine, embodied approach to life. One that allows you to create a way of living and moving that nourishes you, feels pleasurable, and brings you back to a juicy connection to yourself.

I designed The Expressed Woman event because I fully believe that it is time for women to claim their full and unique expression… all while surrounding yourself with other like-minded women who are committed to doing the same. Because while we can do this alone, we weren’t meant to!

Here’s some of what the day will look like


  • We’ll open up the day by creating a safe and sacred container to explore together in sisterhood.
  • You’ll receive some of my latest teachings and practices to support you in opening up to a new dialogue around expression. (For those of you that were there last year, there will be new pieces integrated in!)
  • I’ll lead you through a physical yoga practice as a path to connecting back to yourself and feeling an ease, softness, and flow with your expression.
  • I’ll guide you in practicing your own unique expression and exploring what that feels like for you.


Break for lunch-there will be an hour lunch break, to nourish your belly. Food will not be provided for this event, but there are many local restaurants within walking distance of the event space.


  • You’ll experience 5 mini workshops from some of my favorite sisters (10 mins each) in this community who will share some of their juiciest wisdom with you. From dance to nutrition to leading expert coaches, they all have a wealth of wisdom to share around embodying and nurturing expression. You can imagine this part like a smorgasbord, getting to feel and participate with all the different ways your expression moves through you)
  • We’ll wrap up with me sharing some exclusive key takeaway practices so you can integrate these new learnings for months to come, with the invitation to go deeper together if you feel called to!
  • You’ll walk away likely feeling empowered, inspired and feeling deeply at your core what expression is for you.

“The room of uniquely beautiful women gathered in a circle to introduce themselves and share what they were bringing with them and what they wanted to leave with. Some brought love and wished to leave with laughter, while others brought friendship and hoped to leave with acceptance. Each woman in the circle came from a place of vulnerability and open mindedness as they let themselves see and be seen by the other warm faces in the room”.

Kaitlin Johnson of Loa Tree

Meet Your 2018 “The Expressed Woman” Guest Facilitators

Ashley Kelly-Brown

Ashley (Ashe) Kelly-Brown is a business entrepreneur, make-up artists, herbalist and peri-steam hydrotherapist. She and her wife are the owners of LunaBella Makeup and Hair.They are also the proud owners of the recently opened Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary, a plant medicine boutique store, event space, and healing center.

Her journey to holistic healing and alternative medicine came about from a desire to heal herself 7 years ago. She was introduced to the healing plants of the rainforest and their physical and spiritual medicine. The plants changed her life and after 3 years of trips to the jungle, she decided to learn more about plant medicine local to North America. In June of 2017, she received her certification as an herbalist from the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education.

In addition to healing and learning from the plants, she took several courses in other healing modalities to aid her in her quest to help women heal themselves. Her focus on women’s health and wholeness has stemmed from a lack attention on the needs of women and bringing them back to matching their nature with nature.  Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary is a part of her soul’s purpose and dream to create healing and sacred space for women.

Danny Neifert

Embodiment & Polarity Expert
Communing and Movement as Medicine for Rewilding your Life

Danny Neifert was born on the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley, Utah where she spent a large part of her childhood. True to being a former white water river guide she believes that life is an endless changing river of adventure and the best way to understand something is to jump in and get dirty. She has immersed herself within several communities over the years including The Society of Friends (Quakers), the Right Use of Will movement, a Gurdjieff commune as well as studying with Michaela Boehm since 2008 until present. Danny is a holistic solo entrepreneur ( and mother of two grown children, ages 24 and 27. She has extensive experience in sustainable home building, elder care, gardening, nutrition, death & grief, yoga, eating chocolate, bubble baths and off grid living.

Jada Delaney

Jada is committed to helping people lead a healthier life, effecting positive change from within, which then radiates outwards. Her Transformational Abdominal Massage is a potent therapeutic remedy, resulting in improved physical, emotional and mental health.

Janet Reineck

In 2010, Janet set out to combine her love of dance and her background in anthropology and humanitarian aid and started World Dance – a class that offers women of all ages and abilities a chance to experience the best of world music and dance while helping people in need. The classes are an oasis, a chance to let go, physically and emotionally, and connect deeply with other women and other cultures. Every penny raised from classes and donations goes to Rwanda, where Janet’s non-profit, World Dance for Humanity, is helping 9,000 people lift themselves rise from the ashes of the Genocide and build new lives.

“Dance gives us the space and the spirit to find the part of ourselves where boundaries soften and disappear, where we are in tune with each other…and with the world. Dancing together, to intoxicating rhythms and melodies from Senegal to Spain, India to Ireland, Tunisia to Uzbekistan, we feel awake, alive, embraced and embracing. Through dance, we transcend ourselves and our separateness, stretching beyond selfhood with a shout-out of solidarity and soul, saying with our bodies and bright smiles to everyone around us: You are not alone! Dance, rise! Reaching our arms around the planet, to Africa, to a thousand hazy Rwandan hillsides still smoldering from decades of distrust and desperation…we witness, we embrace, we bring our hearts and our help, we rise together, we jump, we sing out. We dance our sisterhood!

Lauren Bragg

Lauren has been a crusader in elevating the lives of hundreds of women over the last 6 years. She is a Board Certified Health and Happiness Coach, Goal and Development Coach, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, co-founder of The Happiness Retreat, founder of The Wellness Vixen program and holds a BS and BA in Business and International Studies from CSU Humboldt. She has a variety of online courses and offers group and private coaching to teach women how to live their happiest life and love themselves through the art of goal setting. She’s passionate about setting and celebrating goals, traveling and living to support the local Santa Barbara community and environment. Live life #likeavixen.

Genna Romero - Event Decorator

Genna Romero is a Jane of all trades, and happens to be the design eye behind creating a sacred space for our Expressed Women event this year. She specializes in creating and holding space for authenticity to flow, be it through her mindful movement business, massage, cake decoration, event decor coordination, group exercise instructing and enjoys all things crafty. Her speciality in event decor is her way of fully expressing her creativity, holding space, and bringing visions to life.  She is also the owner of Mindful Movement with Genna Romero, where she coaches women back to their bodies and invites them to take up space through moving, stretching, and strengthening the body.  Her passion is rooted in her own journey inward over the past decade.  She is also a wife, fur mama, plantress, and life long learner.

“Melanie’s approach is nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Shes a mystical blend of coach, sage, Goddess, and your best girlfriend. She sees you, and I mean really sees you, AND THEN she gets you. That’s a powerful combo for feeling seen, got, heard, and validated. She’s incredibly loving, nurturing and makes you feel safe no matter what you’re exploring.”

Sonia Diaz-Ebadi

Where and when

Saturday, June 2, 2018
9AM – 3:15PM

Location: The Goodland, a fun and hip Santa Barbara boutique hotel

As my commitment to bringing this powerful message to as many women as possible, this event is completely FREE of chargeAdvance reservations ARE REQUIRED to reserve your spot as space is capped at a certain number of women!

Also note: The Expressed Woman is a sacred journey from beginning to end-each exercise from morning all the way until the afternoon/ending weaving into the next. With that being said, this event is intended to be participated in from start to finish- giving yourself the gift of being present for the complete day – no rushing, no coming and going, just ease, spaciousness and the opportunity to receive it all! We need time and space like this regularly as a modern women in this fast paced culture-and it is my pleasure to hold that space with you!


“When I first met Melanie, it was at an almost-too-good-to-be-true day of yoga and sharing that she was offering for free to women. I instantly connected with her warmth and sincerity and felt somehow changed for the better by those shared hours and I was excited about what might happen next.”

Morgan Coffey

“How do I know it’s right for ME, Melanie?”

When opportunities like this show up, I know how easy it can be to back away.

You might be reading this and feeling “YES! YES! YES!” inside, and I imagine you’re human and you may have some of these thoughts, too! Check out what some of my previous and current participants have said.

Q: I won’t know anyone. Will everyone know each other already?
A: “A quality of consciousness that Melanie invites with her unique genius drew together a gathering of amazing, intentional women.” -A.L.

Q: I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do there and I’m scared it might feel uncomfortable.
A: “After attending Melanie’s [previous] event, Occupy Beauty, I knew that I had found my tribe: Melanie was speaking my language.” -G.R.

Q: I haven’t done yoga in years. I’m not sure I even can.
A: “She knows the mechanics of the body and gave me some invaluable tools – minor but mighty, that have helped my practice on the mat tremendously.” -R.S. | “Before working with Melanie, I was really uncomfortable, almost afraid, of being in my body.” K.D.

Q: I have a hard time opening up with other women. Is this another way to feel left out or inferior?
A: “Working with Melanie and gathering with incredible women who continue to inspire, offer friendship and create an undeniable sisterhood -that is love and pure magic.” -L.S.

Q: What if I discover something new about myself and realize I want to make a big change in my life? Can I handle that?
A: “I instantly connected with her warmth and sincerity and felt somehow changed for the better by those shared hours and I was excited about what might happen next.” -M.C.

Q: Six hours? Can I really take that much time away from all the things I have to get done?
A: “There is always so much to get done. That will never change. But taking the time for “me”, above anything or anyone else, not only sustains me, but nourishes me. I’ve learned this intentional time is now required for my health and well-being.” C.D.

If you’re feeling a “YES!” I encourage you to follow it – trusting that you don’t need to know the why or the how.


If not now, then when?

Imagine having a facilitator and an expert team of women who can hold that space with you.

Imagine making new connections, being with women who really see you and get you.

Imagine what could be possible in your world from the moment you leave.

Let’s be honest – if you don’t join us at The Expressed Woman, when will you create another time for yourself for this kind of depth and community?

It’s time to respond to the calling.

Stepping into your full expression is a shift from fear into joy, from isolation into community, and from suppression into freedom.

You have a responsibility. You aren’t meant to diminish your light. You aren’t meant to hide who you are from the world. That isn’t your purpose.

You’re meant to share it.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Come be a part of this incredible day with us

“Today gave me hope and taught me numerous lessons about my value as a woman.”