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Melanie Elkin

Creator & Founder of Yoga’licious and the Expressed Woman

Your full expression-body, mind, voice-thrives when you choose to make your self-care a priority. Above all else, the tried-and-true practice I begin my clients with is creating a sacred foundation, specifically through a morning practice. I’ve seen it work time and time again as an anchor and a framework to support all the new discoveries and exploration you are opening up to around uniquely expressing yourself in all forms. I hope you enjoy this free step-by-step guidebook to creating your own customized morning practice!

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Lauren Bragg

“The Passion Finder Workbook”

A 12 page ebook that will tap you into your deepest passions so you can live your happiest life.

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Jada Delaney

$25 off of abdominal massage ($150 regularly).

Here you’ll have the chance to experience the power of abdominal massage. I look forward to sharing this work with you!

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Janet Reineck




FREE World Dance classes for one month!

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Join the World Dance for Humanity at the Solstice Parade on June 23rd!

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Danny Neifert

FREE Attendance to “WILD SHE GARDEN” Workshop

2 1/2 hour workshop that focuses on helping each woman uncover their unique feminine expression and activate transformation through movement. Commune directly in solo practice as well as with other women. Unwind trauma and be nourished.

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Ashley Kelly

Pure Luna – Women’s Apothecary

To redeem, please call call our shop at 805-450-2484 to make an appointment.

Must redeem by July 15th 2018