All I want for Xmas is…”Let’s Celebrate Life”

    Today I dedicate my blog post to my dad.

    This past month of my life has been a whirlwind. Mexico, Canada, Yoga, Love, Smiles, Friendship, New Friendships, Family, Birthdays, Brightness, Gratitude, Sunshine, Kisses, the list could go on and on. As I approach the Holiday season this year I have so much love and gratitude coming out of every pore of my body it is amazing. Yet I remember it wasn’t always this way for me. A year ago around the holidays I remember having many fears, doubts, expectations, and feelings of not being good enough. Yet what I do remember and can even feel now is the underlying sense that I was not alone. At times I remember calling my dad and telling him how alone I felt on my journey of self exploration and growth and he would always remind me that I am not alone. With the support and encouragement of my dad, those around me, and the sense of hope and faith that was still inside me I stayed true to myself and stayed open to the limitless possibilities that are available for each and everyone of us. I truly now believe and embody that anything is possible.

    I share this with you because as we go through our lives and live a life of purpose, at times hopelessness and loss of faith may set in. Acknowledge and feel these feelings as they are inherently a part of the process of growth and healing (One of my teacher say’s feeling is healing). Yet also remember that we are never without love, hope, or faith. That even in our darkest hour when the light seems to have burned out it is still there, dimmed maybe, but still there. We all deserve to let our light shine bright, for ourselves and for others.

    As we approach the holiday season let’s shine our lights so brightly together that we stand for something big and not only lift our own spirits but the spirits of all those around us. One of my favorite quotes is “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Presents around the holidays are fun to exchange and open, but remember the present of a smile or a hug could make a tremendous impact on someone’s life. We have a limited time on this Earth, let’s celebrate the beautiful gift of Life this month and all months to come.

    To Life, Love, Happiness, and Celebrating it all!


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    1. Beauiful post Melanieb and nice mention to ou father. I would be honored f one of my gales wrote something like this one day. Your dad is a very lucky man.

    2. Beautifully written Mel…

      Have a wonderful Xmas, look forward to the new year and all it will bring in our lives.

      To Life, Love, Happiness, and Celebrating it all!