Happy Baby + Cacao, Peanut Butter, and Dates=Happiness in a Ball

    This weeks Yoga-licious recipe is Happiness in a Ball, a tasty combination of Happy Baby and Raw Cacao, Peanut Butter and Date Balls. If you guessed that this weeks pairing is inspired by happiness, than you are right! I am honored to introduce Gabrielle Bernstein, a beautiful and inspiring woman, who I had the pleasure of hearing speak last week in LA. Gabrielle shares in the video above her “Happiness In a Ball”. But before you check the video out, I would like to share a little story with you for hopes of inspiring you to think about happiness in a different way. Enjoy!…

    Yesterday as I was in Starbucks waiting in line for my daily cup of coffee, a conversation the mother and daughter in front of me were having sparked my attention. They both had these guilty eyes as they looked at all the pastries and goodies in the breakfast case. With their mouths watering, the daughter asked, “What do you think mom, could I have that sandwich?…it is only 350 calories.” There was such an innocence in the girls voice and expression, a sense of wanting to get it right for herself and for her mom. The rest of the story is not necessary, but the reason I share this is that it triggered something in me. The memory of looking in the Starbucks case, mouth watering, and basing my entire happiness on that sandwich and the calories it had.

    I can remember back to the days when my happiness was an outside job. It depended on the food I ate, the conversations I had and didn’t have, the money I had and didn’t have, and the list could go on. What I have learned, and am still continuing to learn, is that happiness is not an outside job at all, but an INSIDE Job. That no matter how many calories a breakfast sandwich has, I can still choose to be happy. That doesn’t mean that I won’t experience happiness from a sandwich or a great conversation, but what is does mean is that at the end of the day I remember that in order to even have those experiences of happiness I must first connect with that which is inside of me.

    This week Give yourself the gift of happiness by moving your body and experimenting in the pose Happy Baby. Happy Baby, also know as Dead Bug, is one of those famously FUN yoga poses. A pose that allows you

    to not only experience happiness in theory, but FEEL happiness. To continue along the theme of experiencing and feeling happiness, make this super easy and tasty recipe. Happiness in a Ball, is just that…Happiness in a Ball that nourishes your body and spirit. And remember just as Glinda the good witch reminded Dorothy at the end of the movie “You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.” Meaning that the happiness you have been looking for in your life has been there all along…it has been there all along because it is inside of YOU.

    Creating Happiness in a Ball with you,


    Happiness In A Ball Recipe:

    -You will need a food processor.

    1 cup of Dates
    1 heaping tbsp. of Raw Cacao Powder-you can add more for a more chocolatey flavor
    3/4 cup of Peanut Butter
    Dried Coconut for garnish (optional)

    Take the pitted dates and put in food processor. Puree until somewhat smooth, not too long. Add in peanut butter and cacao and puree until you have a paste like consistency.
    Scoop ball size mixtures in to the palm of your hand and roll until you make a ball like shape. Continue this process until you have used all the mixture. Optional is to roll them in coconut shreds. Eat and enjoy. They are very addicting and probably wont last for long but store in refrigerator if you have any left over.

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