Ready to Come out of the “Closet”?

    Is there are part of yourself that you keep hidden or tucked away in a box?


    Do you ever feel scared that if you were to reveal to the world the most intimate and genius qualities that make you, YOU, that you wouldn’t be accepted, or even worse rejected?

    Maybe it is your sensitivity you are covering up…

    Or your intuition, which you feel a deep connection to but it scares you at the same time …

    Or that part of you that is super creative…

    Or even your silly goofy self!

    I ask you these questions because for so long I covered up my sensitive nature, my deeply intuitive wise woman, and even the one in me who is super direct and really clear.

    I hid the most genius qualities of me for a long time because I was scared of being seen exactly as I am.

    I hid her under diets…

    I hid her under trying to “fit in” by conforming my body into what I thought was the most “ideal” image of beauty…

    I hid her under many years of starving myself and starving my voice…

    I hid her under imitating ideas and projecting certain images of myself (even in the yoga industry, a place I know I am meant to share wisdom) that I thought were more loveable and acceptable.



    A few weeks back I shared a post on Facebook that was the beginning of my commitment to stop hiding the core of who I am
    (and also to love the one in me who has hidden).

    Here is what I wrote:

    These days I am feeling a shift in my understanding of yoga and I am watching my practice changing. I am noticing and feeling myself desiring stillness, to move more slowly, to move more intuitively, and to feel more deeply on and off my mat.

    This new shift in mentality has really been many years in the making and I have felt scared so many times and still feel scared at times to share this with the world…. the story I have had is that if I truly teach and most importantly share this way of moving and being with students I won’t be the “popular”choice. (I still witness society placing so much value on how much we consume, how much we do, how busy we are)…

    And then with that thought I am reminded that the true essence of yoga is NOT about a popularity contest, or how much you can bend yourself into a pretzel, or even if you got into handstand or not. The true essence of yoga on and off the mat is to bring union to all parts of yourself and each other, to have us be right where we are right now, to bring light and awareness so we see we always have choice, to live into our true nature (whatever that may be and there are many different truths), and so much more.

    Today was one of those days that my love and connection to yoga & myself (not in an egotistical way) has deepened and I feel excited on this new moon to continue to share the essence and power in slowing down, tuning in, singing, dancing, loving fully, listening compassionately, and seeing the value in the structure but also the amazing value in the feminine and the softness.

    I feel less scared to share what is true these days and excited to share a practice that I know has the power to reveal and expand on what is already inside of us! There really is not anything out there to get!

    Here is to slowing down, being honest, and most importantly BEING.”

    I have so much more inspiration to share with you in the months to come around this but as I wrap up this post today, I want to leave you with one question to be in inquiry around in your own life, and that is…

    What is one aspect of yourself that is yearning to be expressed and brought more fully into the light? Is it your sensitivity, your creativity, your passion for animal rights, your singing voice, etc.?

    As you feel into this aspect of yourself that wants to be more fully expressed, what is one way you can playfully bring more of this quality out, knowing that your unique expression is a gift to yourself and this world.

    I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, you can email me back here, I check every one :-).



    PS. Stay tuned for a Birthday post coming up in the next few weeks that is a story I have waited a year to share with you.

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