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    Hello Love,

    Happy February. I know it’s been almost a month since I’ve connected with you. I had every intention of writing to you sooner, and right up until last week I’ve still been feeling this wintery energy.

    Today I want to bring us together in the energy of emergence as we’ve officially crossed over the midway point between Winter and Spring. To give attention to what is requiring both your continued sacred pause, and also honor what is beginning to peak inside you with new life potentials.

    For the past decade, I’ve become really fascinated and immersed in realigning with nature’s seasons. We are so deeply attuned with nature, and so these seasonal shifts can be guideposts in helping you align and support your own essential nature. Many Earth based traditions still follow the wheel of the year, and they honor the turning of the Earth’s many expressions through ritual and connection to the many changing seasons.

    For me, remembering and attuning to these guideposts of how nature shifts throughout the year helps me feel more trusting in change, the unknown, and what is ready to grow, and also helps me feel more connected to my own inner seasons.

    At the beginning of this month, Feb. 2nd, was the celebration in Earth based traditions of Imbolc, also known as “in the belly of the mother” (In the Northern Hemisphere). It’s the midway point between Winter’s deep hibernation, and Spring’s new potential and seeds. The ground and nature is quickening, yet we’re still in that liminal space. The space metaphorically right before the sunrise, where we can see the peaking of the sun’s rays but they are not quite visible yet.

    And so as you’re moving through this moment in time and more and more sun begins to come back I wanted to share this with you today to help you attune to both what is quickening inside you, and also what is asking for you to still be in the sacred pause with it. Something I am learning time and time again is to honor the season I am in, to trust the process and essence’tial timing of things, and to not rush past the gold of the moment and what it’s asking of you.

    This is a time to consider what new life and potentials may be starting to stir for you, and also what is still underground requiring your rest, loving care, and sacred pause.

    I love this cross quarter moment between Winter and Spring because it’s an opportunity to hold both. And I think about it as envisioning this larger framework of Winter, this vast fertile darkness that is the greater holder of what is emerging and quickening within.

    I also just learned that it is a time of the archetype of the midwife. Which I love because it’s so symbolic to what you are “midwifing” and helping rebirth within yourself.

    So this month it’s a great time to first and foremost connect with nature and her beautiful expression. To then pause and reflect on what is quickening inside you, and wanting your attention to grow and tend to. And to also connect in with the fertile darkness of Winter to see what it holds for you as you are “midwifing” what is ready to be expanded on in the coming months.

    Take time this month to honor where you are, and to honor the full expression of these phases and how they are showing up for you now.

    Sending love ❤ ,



    Creator of Essence’tially You, Transformational & Embodiment Women’s Coach

    Note: This is my interpretation of these beautiful seasonal shifts, and some sharings of how this time speaks to me. I know there are many different interpretations out there.

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