Stop scrolling, and take a nature break with me

Hello sweet soul,

As I’ve mentioned so many times, I want our time together in these newsletters to be supportive and life giving.

And so, in support of your essential nature, and feeling connected to you, my contribution to you today is a nature break with me. Please take 30 seconds to watch this short video below in support of your whole nervous system. If you can scroll for 30 seconds, you can take this space for you ;).

We’re living in intense times, and no matter if you’re in the ebb or the flow part of the cycle, it’s incredibly important that we take time to pause, slow down, and unplug.

As you know, one of my passions in life is to support people in the journey home to their own essential nature, living and breathing the truth of who you are. One practice I find that helps assist in that is to come to nature….

To immerse yourself in nature’s expression, that is a mirror of our own inner self.

Nature just is. The tree is the tree. The sun is the sun. The wind is the wind.

The elements don’t cover up what they are.

As humans, we’ve been taught to mask and cover up our most essential expression, which can leave us feeling disconnected, lost, distraught, and at the effect of the world.

Taking these moments in nature is a great way to restore and remember who you truly are, and to plug back in and unwind the possible stress of life… and then to feel the courage to express that, and rest into your being just like nature.

If nothing else, I hope this video brings you a moment of calm and soul nourishment during turbulent times, and just that in and of itself can help restore a sense of being, rest, and remembering.

Feel free to share your experience with me here, would love to receive you!

With love,

P.S. In May I will be hosting a special intimate virtual retreat gathering. We’ll spend 4 soul nourishing hours together in the name of replenishment, connection, union with your Self, and practical ways to integrate this way of being into your life on the reg. I plan to send more info about this soon, and if you know you want to make sure you’re informed, please send me a quick response to and I will reach out to you.

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