We’re not meant to live this way…

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Today I feel excited to share with you an offering that I created with you in mind. As I have been in a more inward phase, I am slowly starting to resurface, and I felt inspired to create a space for us to gather next month, all in support of establishing a daily rhythm with yourself that is steeped in soul nourishment. Please read below for more details… My intention is that this isn’t just another thing to sign up for, and rather something to really support deep nourishment and a reset in your life as you’re navigating life’s changes.. I know this email is longer, and I encourage you to read on as there’s some juicy bits in there for you if you’re feeling the call.

These past few years have activated in us tendencies toward being:
Hyper vigilant, exhausted, burnt out… in constant pulls of fear, running from one thing to the next… disconnected from nature and the natural world, and in a constant state of adrenaline.

We’re not meant to live this way.

If you’re in the thick of it, I’m with you. You’re not alone. I have been navigating these waters right alongside you in my own ways.

What I’m noticing, which is a blessing and a challenge, is that so many of our old mechanisms for how we got by don’t work any longer. And as the world continues to go through a massive restructuring and the noise is louder than ever, how do you stay the course and not lose your sense of Self, or depart even further from an already disconnected place?

I imagine you may be exhausted. Burnt out. Not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and with no seeming “end” in sight, it can then take a toll on your soul connection.
Your Passion.
Your sense of purpose.
Your aliveness.
(If you want to skip to the point, click here and join me for a special half day retreat for soul nourishment)

I know so many people are just trying to survive and get by, and while admirable, I do feel even amidst what is the new norm we need to come back to ourselves.

Not only are our bodies physically burnt out and exhausted, our souls are too.

Our reasons for living fully may be dimmer.

And so on May 21st I am hosting a virtual retreat from 9:30 – 1:30 pm PST I’ve named, Soul Nourishment Retreat.

This is the kind of nourishment that is not just “nice to have” but that brings you back home to yourself…

  • Where you feel more grounded. Located.
  • Rested into your own knowing, even when you don’t know the whole picture.
  • More trusting and softened.
  • Less at the expense of yourself.
  • Back in the driver’s seat of your life.
  • Where you don’t feel like you’re in constant battle with yourself but rather in communion with you.

Which opens up a renewed sense of passion and purpose in your work even as you still navigate life’s ebbs and flows. As well as the potential for more authenticity in your relationships, which facilitates deeper connection with yourself and others, which allows you to relax and just be.

Soul Nourishment is VITAL. It’s the shift from taking care as a coping mechanism, or numbing out so we don’t feel things so fully, to listening so deeply to our inner pulls that we know how to care for ourselves first, and meet the world from a totally different angle.

When we’re on autopilot, it can feel hard to stop, or even see that there is another way, and so we need days like this retreat.

During our time together, you’ll have 4 spacious hours to yourself to…

  • Slow down.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Feel what needs to be felt in a really loving way.
  • Come back online with yourself and create a new foundation of soul nourishment that is a sustainable practice.
  • Pause long enough to really hear and listen in ways you don’t often create for yourself with the hope that you will leave with a feeling of resetting/refreshed, and inspired with a new outlook for your life that can hold you over time.

>>Click here to join me for the Soul Nourishment half-day retreat<< on May 21st from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PDT

I know we’re zoom exhausted but this will be interactive so you won’t have to stare at a screen for the full time.

This retreat is a doorway. A doorway back to you. A doorway to interrupt the sleepwalking, discontent, numbness, and even new potential edges of vision you find yourself in. A doorway to wake you back up to your essential energy again. To assist you in relaxing back into your being, and clearing some of the mental and emotional fog. And to inspire you to take what you receive through our time together and integrate it into your life as a practice that serves and supports your wellbeing and awakens your depth, connection, and joy.

I can’t wait to share this space with you. I hope you can make it.

With love and nourishment,

P.S. I understand that many of us think we can’t stop because if we do there will be a fall out. What’s the alternative though? To go and go until something stops you? To get so depleted you’re forced to pause? I’ve learned this the hard way many times and I invite you to listen now while there are more subtle or not so subtle cues. To give yourself the gift to be received and supported. My plan is that this retreat will help you reorient to nourishment on a soul level for weeks to come. Join us here.

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