☀Ringing in the Solstice: some ritual ideas for you☀

Hello beautiful soul.

First, I want to acknowledge that it’s been a little while since I’ve connected with you.

I have so much I want to share with you. So many life lessons I am learning… so much growth… that I feel will be of such support to you. And as the months progress, I plan to continue to share as it feels right, and today I want to gather us in the energy of the Summer Solstice, which is today in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you’ve been here with me for a while now you know that part of the guidance I offer in support of connecting and living from your Essence’tial Self is to support you in reuniting with the cycles and the rhythms of nature as a way home to your own innate cycles and rhythms.

Earth-based traditions hold the wise wisdom that we move in cycles and rhythms, and as we cherish and remember our interconnectedness to these cycles within and around us, we live more in harmony and connection with ourselves, the planet, and spirit.

Summer solstice represents the light and capacity to bring life to things. It’s the longest day of light of the year. The element is fire. And it symbolizes the energy of growth, expansion and power. It is also seen as the Mother Archetype. You don’t need to have birthed children to activate the energy of the Mother.


The energy of the Solstice reminds us of our innate capacity to mother things. To take a seed (whether it be a project, our inner wisdom, a child, a passion, etc.), and with our own prana life force tend to these creations – to bring it to form with our persistent and consistent action and ability to alchemize.

And while it signifies growth – as we know, growth can come in many forms. Our growth can come in bringing our fire ignition to something that we desire to bring to form, and also our growth can come in using the fire element within us to release something-to transmute a belief, a relationship, an old form that doesn’t serve us and our evolution any longer.

As we cross this powerful threshold today here’s some ideas for how you can honor this pivotal moment of the year in support of your Essence’tial nature 🌞🌺🌸🌼🌻💫:

  • Get out in nature
  • Put your feet on the soil and really receive the power of Mother Earth, and thank her as well
  • Sit in meditation and reflect on this energy of what Summer represents for you
  • Celebrate and rejoice
  • Plant seeds of intentions for what you want this season to represent for you
  • Buy yourself some lovely flowers
  • Create a sacred space in your house, a shelf or altar space, that represents the Summer and your intentions so you can come back to it regularly during this season.
  • Journal, here’s some prompts you can play with (inspired by The moon is my calendar):
☀️What have you learned over these past 6 months?
☀️What themes emerged over these past 6 months? And what came to fruition?
🌟What are you ready to let go of from these past 6 months?
☀️What new seeds are you planting, carrying forth into this new cycle of Summer? And how do you want to feel?


I hope you take some time to really intentionally call in this season, connect–in with yourself, and to celebrate and honor yourself in some way. I’d love to hear what speaks to you!

I personally will be ringing in the Solstice this year by heading to Hawaii this week to lead my 12 month women’s group program retreat. I feel so grateful to get to go to this magical Island and be able to lead these women through a really transformative retreat experience. More to share soon I imagine from what comes through during this time, and sending you Aloha vibes for now!

With love,

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