To receive nourishment and inspiration.
To be in connection.
To have space to reflect.
To bolster ourselves with support so we can rise.
The need for this kind of deep community is in our lifeblood.

We don’t need another PDF or a recording we’ll never listen to.
This is not just another Zoom class.
There will be no bells, whistles, or ten steps to follow.

This Women’s Circle is a virtual fireside gathering where we can come together as women.

In cozy sweaters, with cups of tea, energetically deep in nature, while intimately connected via the magic of the internet.

To sit in reverence, in connection, in full feelings/expression.

Permission to come as you are.

Through whatever is going on in your life.

To be held through the different phases and seasons of your life… celebration, transition, new choices, loss, etc.

This is a space to BE and come home to Essence’tially You each month.

Before working with Melanie I had been searching for support and for like- minded souls. After attending Melanie’s circle I knew that I had found my community: Melanie was speaking my language. This journey has completely changed my life. I feel stronger, more connected to my truth, supported in this life, and more intuitive. Melanie is a safe space, she sees you, and welcomes you home.

Genna Romero

There is so much division in our world right now.

There is burnout and fatigue.
It can be challenging to tap into what you truly know, and who you truly are, above the cacophony of noise surrounding us.

This circle is an opportunity to prioritize your care of self monthly.
To fill up your cup.
Receive the wisdom of your soul.
Be in sisterhood.
Let down the facade, drop the act.
It’s a place to be and claim your full essence’tial and authentic self.

All of YOU will be welcomed here.

I’m in! Take me to the details and Sign me Up

This is not just a revolving door gathering. 

Rather than a once in a while check in, my purpose of creating this is for you to have monthly space for you to come home to yourself, and sit in a community where you feel free to be yourself. We are building a collective, a sisterhood, a community where we want to know your name, we want to sit beside you again and again. 

We’ll come together once/month for 90 soul nourishing minutes. You will have space to show up and be received by me and a soulful community of women… Where your presence will be a key component in the growth of us all.

Each month we’ll have a theme that we’ll dive deeper into, and some of the way we’ll be doing that is through…

  • Ritual and ceremony that allow you to integrate the new learnings
  • Movement to open up your body and integrate new ideas (yoga will be weaved in at times, and all levels are welcome)
  • Meditations and Visualizations to return to your own knowing and start to really listen to your inner voice
  • Somatic and Embodiment activities so you can become more intune with your full Self and unlock hidden potentials and wisdom that are often stored in your body and emotions.
  • Journaling exercises for greater awareness and inspiration
  • Leave with a supportive intention for the month to carry you through your life
  • and deepening connection with other soul centered, like minded women where ALL of you is welcomed.

My hope is for you to leave each circle re-sourced through the sacred practices I will guide you through, and the connection and depths we share. My even greater hope is that you will find in this space, the missing link that you’ve been searching for, and as a community we will build something that this world desperately needs:

Powerful women rising together, to the beat of our own drums.

We will circle the 2nd Thursday of each month starting Nov. 11th (recurring and you can cancel at any time).

And you’re invited.

The framework we’ll focus our circles around will be:


Root into your body, ground your ‘self’ back into your divine alignment, into your being and essence’tial expression.

Get rooted into nourishment.


Realign to your natural rhythm, rather than society’s stress.

Release the busyness, the overdoing, the efforts to be good and appropriate. Return back to your nature, which isn’t contained, perfect, or linear. Discover your own pacing, more ease, space, spaciousness, and freedom to be.


You’ll receive that rise into self, coming back online, back to life, the connection of emotional embodiment. Return to your zest, aliveness, vitality, inspiration. Rise into new potentials and perspectives that you can apply to your everyday life. This looks like more confidence, feeling connected and in flow, more in trust with yourself and the universe.

From this framework, we’ll be exploring things like….

  • Discovering your true essence; that which is intrinsically and uniquely you
  • Living more in sync with your natural rhythms of energy, life, and expression – a shift OUT of the drive, push, force, and working against yourself
  • Learning how to live more in tune with your body, and it’s innate intelligence that is communicating wisdom to you all the time
  • Identifying and shifting the limiting stories and orientations that keep you in a loop of self criticism, blame, judgement, and self-doubt 
  • Expanding into and creating new possibilities for how you create your life that put you back in the driver seat
  • Cultivating a more loving relationship with yourself that isn’t conditional
  • Revealing expansive possibilities for Care of Self that carry and nurture you through your daily life 
  • Bringing all of your self into your work, life, family, & community
  • Navigating challenges from a place of alignment
  • And so much more!

Then you get to take your new awareness and learnings through the month and put that energy into inspired action…

So you can:

  • Feel more connection to your whole Self,
  • Trust in yourself and the universe,
  • Claim a greater freedom to be,
  • Find a deeper listening of your intuition.
  • Make way better decisions
  • Grow your self love

As though your whole being can finally alchemize to it’s true state, that’s what this kind of growth in community can do.

I’d love for you to join us! Here’s how to take the next steps.

Monthly Circle Collective Member:

Recurring $27/month payment
Cancel anytime

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3-month Commitment Circle Collective Member:

Quarterly Payments of $75 (automatically recurring every 3 months)

$2/month cheaper for paying in 3 month increments than paying monthly. If you cancel you will still have access to any months you pre-paid for.

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6-month Commitment Circle Collective Member:

Semi-Annual Payments of $140 (automatically recurring every 6 months)

Save $22 by paying for 6 months at a time. If you cancel you will still have access to any months you pre-paid for.

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As my gift to you, your first circle is $10 off.

Then remaining a member of the collective is only $27/month or choose a larger commitment above.

Use Coupon Code: SAVE10 for $10 off of any membership level!

I cannot express strongly enough how life-changing it is to work with Melanie. I’ve always relied on logic and intellect to move through the world, and did not rely on feelings and emotions. I found them to be unreliable. And when I first started working with Melanie, it felt strange and very uncomfortable. But if I’m being honest with myself, Melanie is the first person I trusted in a really deep way, in a very long way. And in trusting Melanie, I trusted my own self again. That meant trusting my emotions, trusting my feelings, and trusting that my body would keep me safe.

Lauren Karon

The Women’s Circle Collective Membership includes: 

  • Admission to the once/month virtual fireside women’s circle
  • A bonus yoga practice and meditation when you enroll 
  • A private Facebook group soul-munity to engage and connect with in-between the circles
  • First dibs on new offerings with special pricing just for you
  • Special resources from time to time
  • A reunion and/or deepening with your essential Self!
  • An opportunity for an easy, ongoing space to come back home to yourself each month

Will you join us? I’d love to receive you!

I know what you may be thinking… FAQ’s

(please take a moment to read through so there are no misunderstandings later)

I don’t have time for this.
I so hear that. The phases of fierce action tangled with the unhonored pause is it’s own pandemic. And I ask you this: What more could you create and be by taking an hour and half for you each month? How can this be a space to expand your time and space, rather than another to-do?

The intention of gathering and being supported in this space is to fill up and nurture your energy well, which will in turn create more space and actually expand your time. When you’re filled up you are more capable and ready to give, rather than trying to fill others up from an empty well.

How is this different then other memberships or zoom classes?
Zoom burnout is real. I get it. My intention with this is to cut through the shit, rise out of the noise, and get to the heart of the matter (the hearts of each of us) right away. We need a space where we can be real and we don’t have to keep it all together.

This is an opportunity to share as you desire, to be heard, to realign in a way that’s meaningful to you, in a shared collaborative way, rather than a teacher with a powerpoint kind of way. This is the place where we get off script and let the walls down.

Note: In service of connection these sessions will not be recorded.

I’ve purposefully chosen not to record our circle sessions because we don’t need another recording to add to our to-do list that even with the best of intentions we often don’t return to. What I feel we so deeply need, especially right now, is to feed our whole being and do that in community with other like-minded and heart centered women. With such full lives I feel we need to interrupt the pattern of busyness and prioritize ourselves. Our bodies and souls will thank us, and it will help us feel more present in our day-to-day life.

Carving out space and learning how to make yourself a priority is part of the invitation and transformation. I also get that sometimes life happens, and so If you miss a class one month while it won’t be recorded you will be so held in the energy (and you can still participate in the dialogue after on our FB group). Knowing you’re part of this collective will allow you space to know you’re supported.

Why now?
Even though there’s so much uncertainty and unknown, people can change all the time. This is the space to hone in on who you truly are, and how to bring that forward into your life. We don’t want to wait until ‘this’ is over, this time of your life, this phase, this pandemic, this turning point. We don’t want to wait until a moment of crisis to learn how to take care of your self.

Now is the time.

Right now the world as we know it, and a lot of these old structures and paradigms are collapsing. We are becoming aware of what’s not working. We know we have to pivot. This kind of support is a lifeline so you don’t get taken down in the rip tide of this reality. This space is for you to feel empowered, at choice and re-sourced, so you can create new patterns, new habits, and new possibilities.

This is when you take the reins of your life and feel empowered as we move through the mystery and the unknown, to create the life you desire.


Not when everything is perfectly lined up because that moment may never come.

Why a collective rather than just a drop in class?
Coming together in this circle one time, you will receive so much. It will be transformative and life-shifting. And, what I’ve learned is that even with the best of intentions, life can take over. As women we have a tendency to make anything but ourselves a priority.

I’ve created this so you’ll have a consistent time, once a month, to be supported in bringing forth your creation, what you desire. We need more than one session to recreate the habit of your life.

We need spaces we can transform in, regularly, to allow the transformation to continue and go deeper over time.

There’s a difference between breakthroughs and transformation: breakthroughs can happen fast, transformation (and integration, and repatterning) takes space and time.

What if I want to cancel?
You can choose to opt out at any time.

Depending on when you cancel your subscription in relation to the circle you may still have access to one or more gatherings. You will be able to remain in the private facebook group for a few months to stay connected, and then you will lose access to that.

The beauty of remaining a member of the collective is you lock in your collective member pricing for as long as you stick around. If you cancel and choose to rejoin, you will come back at whatever the membership price is at that point.

I get it, life happens. I want you with us, and my intention for these circles is to come regularly so it’s something you actively engage with and get the most out of by regularly participating.

How does the pricing subscription thing work?
The collective is an ongoing membership, you will be automatically charged on a monthly basis for your participation in the group unless you opt to pay for the 3 months or 6 months recurring subscription.

That is both to encourage you to keep a regular rhythm of connection with yourself and our work together, and to make it possible to keep the membership cost low for everyone. Organizing and facilitating this kind of space takes work, it takes organizing as well as the inner work and years of experience I’ve had to hold a deep space of this kind. Your monetary and energetic contribution is an honoring of all that as well as an energetic exchange to ensure you get the most out of it.

Can I upgrade to the bigger commitment?
Of course you can! You are welcome to join us for pathway 1 the monthly recurring option, and then at any time choose to upgrade your membership to pathway 2 or 3 which gives you a bit of a savings for committing to 3 or 6 month increments. To make that shift please email us when you want to start your new commitment level and we will help you set that up and cancel the other one.

Melanie’s approach is nothing I’ve ever experienced before. She’s a mystical blend of coach, sage, Goddess, and your best girlfriend. She sees you, and I mean really sees you, AND THEN she gets you. That’s a powerful combo for feeling seen, got, heard, and validated. She’s incredibly loving, nurturing and makes you feel safe no matter what you’re exploring.

Sonia Diaz Ebadi

Ready to immerse yourself in this potent sisterhood?
Join us for our virtual fireside women’s circle collective.

Monthly Circle Collective Member:

Recurring $27/month payment
Cancel anytime

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3-month Commitment Circle Collective Member:

Quarterly Payments of $75 (automatically recurring every 3 months)

$2/month cheaper for paying in 3 month increments than paying monthly. If you cancel you will still have access to any months you pre-paid for.

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6-month Commitment Circle Collective Member:

Semi-Annual Payments of $140 (automatically recurring every 6 months)

Save $22 by paying for 6 months at a time. If you cancel you will still have access to any months you pre-paid for.

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I started my soulful business 10 years ago because I felt a longing in my whole being to create spaces for women to come home to themselves and reclaim all of who they are, their essence, the parts that existed before the world told you who to be. I’ve worked with hundreds of women and have been leading circles for many years. I’ve created an out-of-the-box way to help women connect to their expression and own all of who they are through my women’s transformational and embodiment coaching.

It’s my absolute passion to guide you towards rediscovering a relationship with your essential self, deeply appreciating your body, and playfully learning to listen to your intuition. I do all of this through a range of modalities: transformational and embodiment women’s coaching, self-care, body and emotional intelligence practices, women’s embodiment rituals and earth based learning, visualization and meditation, and other tried-and-true practices, all of which bring you into connection with your sacred self.

I believe – and have built my work around this belief – that it’s time for a new collaborative, feminine, embodied approach to life. An approach that realigns you with your innate cycles, rhythms, and knowing so you can live and breathe your full self into the world. A path that allows you to create a way of living and moving that nourishes you, feels pleasurable, and brings you back into connection with yourself where you feel free, and expressed as YOU.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

Working with Melanie, she guides you to tap into your own inner resources and intuition. She creates a safe space for you to be YOU in a circle of women. Being in a sisterhood of women is healing and inspirational and adds to the fun. Caring for Myself became fun and rewarding.

Joan Vignocchi