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Hi beautiful,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Yoga’Licious Honest Conversations: Re-aligning to your Natural Rhythms podcasts this week. I’m so grateful to Rebekah, Genna, Angie, and Lexi for sharing so openly and vulnerably about their journeys…the ups and downs and everything in between. (If you missed any of the episodes, you can find them here!)

It’s been such an honor to support these women on their journeys, and as I open enrollment for the newest incarnation of the Yoga’Licious Six-Month Program: Realigning with your Natual Rhythms and Essential Expression (beginning October 14th), I’m feeling giddy, because it would be such an honor to support you on your journey too.

I know that if you’ve been present with us this week, you may be feeling a heart-opening right about now. A sort of yearning. It’s not unusual, when we witness another woman on her authentic path, to feel something wake up inside of us. To begin to wonder what it might be like if we opened ourselves up to receiving that kind of support in our own lives…

Have you been feeling this?

If so, I’ll also guess that you’ve had some other thoughts coming up too. Maybe:

“I really want to sign up for a call to explore more, but I am SO busy with life, work, family that I do not have the time to do a call, let alone a whole six-month program! I just don’t have the time.”


“I know I cannot keep living the way I have been–feeling depleted, unmotivated or on overdrive, and totally out of touch with myself at times–but can I really justify spending the money? Isn’t that a splurge or selfish?!”  

Or perhaps,

“Is this really going to be worth it? I have done so many programs before, how is this one any different?”

If any of this is showing up for you, you are not alone.

In fact, most of the women I’ve worked with have had one or more of these hesitations before they’ve decided to commit themselves to the journey. That said, the openings they experienced and the energy of transformation they felt on our very first no-strings-attached call totally outweighed their fears.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Below, in their own words, are what women have had to say after completing a sacred six-month program with me and deepening into the Yoga’licious Way.

“Investing in myself in this way has shifted the way I live my life. In this program I’ve learned how to prioritize my needs and meet them FIRST without guilt or remorse. I’ve learned that when I gift myself in this way, EVERYONE in my world benefits.” – Sonia

“I learned to not be in fear of not having enough. I hesitated when I was first presented the opportunity to work with Melanie, I was fearful of not having enough money or time, When I made the choice to take a leap of faith and begin the yogalicious journey, I never went without. I had enough money and more to meet above and beyond my needs.” – Vada

“I am more appreciative, more present and more aware of who I am and all that I have. All the books and sojourns and classes before her never quite got me to the place where I am now. I feel beautiful, capable and strong most of the time.”–Morgan

So, I ask you to check in with your heart right now.  Imagine for a moment that time and money are total non-issues. Now, how do you feel your Soul wanting to move forward?

If you are sitting behind the computer screen feeling a strong pull to learn more, I invite you to follow that impulse. 

I have just a few more spots remaining for complimentary no-strings-attached phone calls with me so that we can connect, vision, and see what is possible for you inside this program. This call is an opportunity: for you to be seen and heard; for us to intimately connect and feel into where you are right now, exploring what kind of support you’re most needing in your life; and to discover if the Yoga’licious Way is the path that resonates for you–the path that will ignite the fires of transformation in your life.

If you’re ready, CLICK HERE to set up a no-strings-attached call. 

If you don’t do this now, be honest, where will you be in 6 months from now?Will you really commit to making changes on your own, or will you stay with the struggle? How will you open up to receiving the support you need to create real and lasting shifts in your life?

If you feel a stirring in your soul, it’s a sign that it’s time for you to receive it all.

Imagine feeling expansive, free, alive, and in radical acceptance of ALL parts of you. Join me in Re-aligning with Your Natural Rhythm and Essential Expression. Ignite a process of powerful transformation in your life.

Join me by CLICKING HERE to set up a no-strings-attached call, and let’s activate the future you’ve always dreamed of. 

to your power,

P.S. Want some more details? Here is a link to the program info!

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