Self-care. Is it Selfish?

Hi Beauty,

We all know that in the case of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, you’re supposed to put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Right? We’ve heard it a hundred times.

And yet, there are so many women who walk around, all day everyday, putting everyone else’s needs before their own. Despite what we “know” about it being important to help ourselves first, there’s this deep-seeded guilt and shame that keeps us from practicing what we preach. An anxiety that surfaces whenever we consider putting our own needs first…prioritizing self-care over care of others.

It’s time to SHIFT the belief that self-care is selfish.

Self-care is a necessary and essential part of living. It’s what connects you to your own inner resources. It’s how you return home to your inner wisdom. It’s the way to rediscovering and honoring your own inherent rhythms… AND It’s a path to greater connection with all of life.

Enter the delicious and soulful Lexi Beausoleil. Over the last two years working together, I’ve witnessed Lexi releasing shame and guilt around self-care and truly coming home to her body.

Just like Lexi, you too can create a new paradigm of self-care, that has the power to shift the very nature of your connection to life and your natural rhythms.

If you’re ready to let go of burn-out and exhaustion from running around, prioritizing everyone else’s needs above your own and release the false belief, once and for all, that self-care is in any ways selfish then this FINALE episode of our 4 part podcast series, Yoga’licious Honest Conversations: Re-aligning to your Natural Rhythms is for YOU; enjoy!

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Lexis’s story is such a beautiful reminder that self-care is not just a luxury or something to give lip service to, but a powerful and essential practice. A practice that has the power to shift the course of our lives as we know it.

Which is why I am SO passionate about the work I lead women through, and why I created the Yoga’licious 6 Month Program: Re-aligning to Your Natural Rhythms and Essential Expression (something I only offer once a year).

We can’t give and effectively respond to the turbulent times that we are experiencing collectively from an empty cup.  

Perhaps part of you is resonating with what I’m saying, and you’re feeling really called to learn more about the 6 month program, and how it may support you in what you want.

And yet, another part of you is saying that this is NOT a priority right now.

I’ve got a question for you. If not now, when?

Why do we play this waiting game with ourselves? We wait, and we wait, and we wait, until what once was a small problem, left unattended, has become a full-blown crisis. What’s worse, we often wait until a moment of real, physical crisis in our lives to get serious about what it is we need to thrive. To begin caring for ourselves as though we really matter.

What if…rather than waiting until everything is falling apart, we stepped into our power and made a different choice, right here, right now?

Can you feel the energy of possibility? The opening created as you simply stop and ponder the “what if”?

If I am speaking to your heart & soul right now, please take a look at the programimmediately and let me know if you’d like to connect on the phone for a no-strings attached call about it—our journey begins October 14th and I only take up to 15 women each year.

I feel excited about the possibility of us connecting, and more importantly of you living a life free of guilt or shame around taking care of yourself.

With love, and self-care vibes,

Ps. From personal experience, receiving support in creating a whole new blueprint around how your nourish and care for yourself has the possibility to create life-changing shifts for you in all things career, relationships, parenting, etc.  If you’ve been curious, let’s speak. You can schedule your time HERE.

Pps. You can connect with Lexi at:

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