You don’t have to have all the answers, you just have to take the first step…

Did you happen to catch my newsletter last week sharing about the return of The Expressed Woman eventa free mini retreat in-person in Santa Barbara, I created just for women (you!).

I have so much to say about this powerful and transformative event, and to be honest I have been sitting here for almost the entire day trying to perfect what I going to say to you so “it sounded good” (lol-the exact opposite of full expression for me)…

…Ever feel like you have so much to say and not really sure where to start?!

So I just decided to start somewhere, because I make up a story that just like me there’s a part of you that also craves space to just be direct and follow the lead of your expression however that is showing up. It’s freeing!

And so, sitting here in my bed on this rainy day, I want to share some reasons why you might want something like this (attending The Expressed Woman event) in your life right now:

  1. Perhaps, you’ve been waking up lately feeling kinda “off”, like something’s missing that you can’t quite put your finger on.
  2. Or maybe you notice yourself numbing out more recently with Netflix’s and alcohol (now nothing wrong with this AT all, and you just sense there’s something you’re suppressing underneath this pattern).
  3. Is it that you feel this general irritation lingering in the background, and you can’t quite shake it.
  4. Do you have moments of feeling really clear and inspired, and then when you go to write it down, share it with a friend, partner, colleague it’s like something is blocking you from saying it out loud.
  5. Is it likely that you’re tired of hustling for your worthiness/enoughness and so much of you just wants to relax into your own center and let that be enough.
  6. Is that you want to feel safe; safe to be, safe to trust in yourself and others, and safe to lean into being supported.
  7. Or are you craving a community of women to lean into where you can be your authentic self (fully expressed, whatever that may be), and release the exhaustion and extra work it takes to fit it.

If you’re feeling any of what I’m sharing The Expressed Woman free mini retreat, live in Santa Barbara on June 2nd from 9-3:15 pm, could be just the space to come home to yourself…

A day to come as you are…

A day to easefully reconnect with yourself, and what excites you and moves you…

A day to playfully reflect; creating new narratives to support the full range of your expression-because each of us has such a unique way we experience that…

A day to nourish-because for so many of us we’re parched (spiritually, physically, and emotionally) and it’s time to fill our own tap up…

And a day dedicated to focusing on your full expression, which has the potential to open up so much inside you.

I could say so much more and I’m not interested in convincing you :). I sense you know… you know right now as you’re reading this if this event is calling to you… and if it is, I invite you to check out more details here, and follow that “yes” inside, even if it doesn’t make sense logically.

This day will be a powerful coming together of women: sharing, exploring, discovering, and opening up to your full expression, and it would be such a joy for me to receive you.

Any questions at all, let me know.

Here’s to fully expressing moment to moment with you,

P.S. Last thing I’ll share is that it is my commitment to making this event as accessible to as many women as possible, so I am keeping it free-and you’re advanced RSVP is required: You can check it out here.

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