Yoga’licious All Grown Up (I’m changing the name of my business)

Hello beautiful,

I have huge news to share: I’m changing the name of my business, and YES, this is a really big deal for me! The idea for Yoga’licious came to me ten years ago, when I was at a huge turning point in my life. I’d been working as a personal trainer for over 8 years, and yet, I knew there was something shifting and changing within me… something more that wanted to be accessed and expressed.

In the beginning, Yoga’licious was a blog where I shared a recipe paired with a yoga pose paired with an inspiring theme each week (Imagine Child’s Posing Chili ;)). It was a huge edge for me to play at the time. In moving from “fitness” to “yoga,” I got to stretch into showing up for myself in a new way, being real about what excited me, and befriending my fears around my authentic expression. To be honest, I was afraid to even really speak the word “yoga” at the time.

Over the past nearly ten years, Yoga’licious has been a friend and guide in my own journey of self-discovery. What started as a blog quickly became a full-time business as I transitioned into supporting my clients in discovering and living out their own fullest expression.

When I look back on Yoga’licious videos from almost ten years ago, I can see shades and shadows of over-compensation. I can feel the perfectionist and people-pleaser in me who so wanted to get it right and to be liked, even as she was moving into deeper parts of her Self. Embodying my play, my lusciousness, my confidence was still such a stretch at the time.

Looking back, I have so much gratitude for that girl and how brave she was to step into Yoga’licious. Each and every moment of stretching into that embodiment has granted me deeper access. Made it possible for me to live out the nourishment, joy, and lusciousness that I am now and to bring that to the world each and every day. The biggest shift I see is that I no longer need to talk about how “authentic I am”I just get to live it and inspire others to do the same.

And now, just like ten years ago, when I feel into who I truly am, I find myself at a turning point. There is more in me that is longing to be accessed and expressed in the world, and as important as Yoga’licious has been to me, it’s time to let her go. The name that has been my bridge into this work no longer fits the depth and alignment of the work I am so blessed to do and am already doing.

It’s beautiful to be here—in all the grief of letting go mixed with the joy and excitement of what’s coming next. Trusting myself to release and create anew. What’s more, it’s beautiful to get to share my journey with you. To be witnessed in a cycle of death and rebirth that is so precious and intimate is a gift beyond measure.

I’ll be sharing more about the transition in a few days, and for now, I want to introduce you to my new “baby”, Essence’tially You, coaching, mentorship, and yoga. It is pretty much still business as usual (although stay tuned for a brand new offering I’m rolling out next month), yet now the container that holds my work is energetically matched and aligned with where I am now and how I serve others.

I want to end this for now by saying, thank you. To all of you who are reading and who have been with me on this journey of living Yoga’licious. And to all of you who are doing your own brave work of releasing the things you’ve outgrown in order to create space for what’s next. The world can’t wait to receive the next expression of you, and I honor you for the courage to step into the unknown


P.S. Stay tuned in a few days I’ll be sharing more about my embodiment of the unknown and how I allowed myself to be in the mystery when it came to taking this big next step. Especially if you’ve ever feared the unknown, and have a longing for something new in your life to take shape, you’ll want to stay tuned.

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